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Tiffany/Allen Buma  love yourself like there is no one else to do it for you.

Ramzie. #life's_a_gym #wallride only missing the #skateboard

Jomba juice adventure , the bomb🎆

Words so beautifully arranged like a garden I had to stop and smell the letters.

All I can think about is bringing my son , daughter, and wife to all the most amazing places, that is truly what life is about seeing it all before its all done.

Sometimes power, success, money, and the American dream gets in the way of what truly matters.

This one dude i meet ,Peirra from like Brittan or Italy said "the world can chose to either eat you or spit you out." Lol fucking wild idea but still after year or mor latter its stuck In my head.

😊 💑 lol so good.

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