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Priya Masuria  You can be very wild and still be very wise -Yoko ono πŸ–€ My feed is a mess, but so is my life πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #thebrowneyebrunette #priyamasuria

Balloon 🎈Girl πŸ‘§ @banksy The mural was created in 2002, this variant was auctioned recently for Β£1.042m. Shortly after the auction the art was self destructed by an in built shredder. @banksy later posted on his Insta, Banksy wrote: "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge - Picasso." What do you think Is @banksy being notorious or Is he mad genius?!

@rodarte @nyfw 😍 the show took place in a cemetery at lower east side in New York, the looks were so effortlessly romantic β™₯️

I turned 21 on September 5th and somethings have been the same. And some maybe not.β™₯️
(Read them below, my handwriting can be challenging to understand)
20 lessons I have learned, turning 21
1. There is no tv series worth crying over
2. Don’t have conversation, with mouth stuffed with food
3. Not every moment needs to be shared online
4. Emotions, acknowledge them but do not let it cloud your judgement
5. Always take a moment to appreciate efforts made
6. Say no and not feel guilty afterwards
7. Experience will always matter more than materials
8. Go solo, even for meals,places,walks,movies etc enjoy your own company
9. Sleep is as essential as food
10. Got crush. Confess, it’s always way better than regret
11. Coke, Pepsi etc are my poison, please think twice bout your tonsils
12. Accepting that some things are just out of your control
13. It’s okay to shut yourself, for restoring. World is tiresome
14. Importance of gratitude, merely be kind
15. Do not pour your heart and soul into people, who fail to appreciate you
16. Finding right pair of denims shall always be the struggle. Be patient, you might have to try 10-15 pairs
17. Stop comparing yourself, whether be art, knowledge or anything
18. Education is everything and also not, at the same time
19. Values you are raised with, hold onto them
20. Being cautiously reckless

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