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A couple weeks ago we whipped up one of the goofiest beerz we’ve made to date with our friends from @weldwerksbrewing. We wanted to keep it on the hush because it was a pretty wild recipe that required a lot of things to go right. Well, they went right and we’re announcing “Movin’ 2 Da Country” Kettle Sour’d Double Milkshake IPA which was brewed with a ton of peach purée 🍑 and hundreds of pounds of those delicious little peachie gummie candies! Stay tuned for more info on its release...

Another bangin’ #GreatTasteOfTheMidwest underway. Thanks for everyone patiently waiting in line for our beerz. #DoubleGunPowderIPA taps at 3:30 #DoubleDareMightyIPA taps at 4pm.

Some perdy kool stuff goin’ down in Madtown tonight for #GreatTasteEve! First, we’ll be partying over at @barleypoptap with those Dino lovin’ homies from @tgbrews. Second, our friends at @funkfactorygeuzeria invited us to their annual #GreatTasteOfTheMidwest pre party with a bunch of other rad brewers! (We ain’t rad... just sneakin by). So we’ll see you 2night ehh?! If not tonight then tomorrow at #GreatTaste!

If you are coming to the taproom tonight DO NOT go to 2000. If you do... you’ll be lonely. The 1807 temporary taproom is open.

#wetpaint #projekt1807 #WiCraftBeer #WISCoastWednesday #beerfriends
Oh, and we had some friends stop by today. More info on that to come soon. #beertease

#USAKubb U.S. National Kubb Championship today in Eau Claire. We brewed up a little something sessionable for the weekend called King Toss. A pretty classic American Pale Ale that tastes great on a hot day like today.

Helluva day at the #WisconsinBeerLovers festival in Glendale. We don’t do many festivals but this one is in support of the #WisconsinBrewersGuild and there isn’t a more worthy cause fighting for Wisconsin’s independent craft brewers than #WiBG. If you’re ever looking for a great Father’s Day gift bring ‘yer old man to Glendale to enjoy the only beer festival in Wisconsin featuring exclusively independently owned Wisconsin breweries. #RealCraftBeer #NoCrapOnTap #WiCraftBeer

While we love sticking our noses into a glass of hop juice... Nothing quite beats the excitement of the first whiff in an oak barrel full of mystery microbes. #Funk #MixedCulture #BarrelAged #wicraftbeer

WISCoast Pale Ale... Perfect for a beautiful Wisco Sunday afternoon. #WiCraftBeer #WISCoast #Wisconsin #CraftBeer

Who can guess the first batch getting brewed today at #Projekt1807?

TBP is hiring! We’re looking for some competent, hard working, never-quit types to help us grow as we take over our new location and increase our production! -Logistics and Delivery Specialists-
These do it all; peeps who ain’t afraid to throw the world on their back and get shit done. Folks who can control inventory, and then plan and execute delivery days in an efficient and timely manner. Must have a clean driving record, USDOT physical (NON CDL), be able to lift and move full half barrels of tasty nectar, possess a can-do attitude, and have amazeballs skills at time management. -Sales and Marketing Ninja-
We’re looking for some hustle. We’re looking for people who can sling beer in all corners of Wisconsin, the Twin Cities, and maybe beyond. Building and maintaining relationships is JOB ONE. Setting up and building events, promotions, and enhancing the culture around TBP and our beers is JOB TWO. Wanna know what JOB THREE is? That’s a secret reserved for some lucky SOB who makes it past the rigors of ONE and TWO. -Cellarman/Cellarwoman-
Wanna get in on the ground floor? There is no mailroom. We use email. The ground floor here is cleaning, organizing, stacking, cleaning, and cleaning. Oh, and you’ve got to be good at said cleaning. Must be able to perform physical labor on the regular (i.e. moving heavy stuff regularly and repeatedly). Being meticulous in cleaning and totally detail orientated is MANDATORY. Everyone wants to be a brewer. Being a brewer is cool. But there is no beer if tanks aren’t clean and kegs/cans aren’t being filled. -Taproom Beertenders-
Can you carry on a conversation with a rock? That’s cool. You may or may not be the right person for the job. Can you work your tail off, talk about beer to human beings, maintain a clean and safe working environment, all while doing so with a pep in your step and a smile on your mug? If the answer is yes… Then you’re definitely the right person for the job.

Include references as well as salary/hourly wage requirements! (Not doing so will prove to us that you cannot follow instructions and thus you are unqualified for any position.)

Resist Milkshake IPA coming soon to a store near you. #citra #mosaic #IPA #realcraftbeer #wicraftbeer

Heyo! Time to get your voting pants on... Head over to @volumeone and vote #TheBrewingProjekt for Best Local Brewery and vote for one of our beers for Best Local Beer! Voting ends Dec 13th so as they say: vote early and vote often.

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