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T H E B R A N D G A L S  Kelsey Borlan Lee | Owner + Creative Director, The Brand Gals. All-inclusive branding from the inside out. Wifey, mommy, yoga, coffee ☕️

When old friends come to town, you squeeze in + soak up coffee, pictures and catchup.
Thanks for a wonderful morning @mrs_desialbert + @daniluecht

It feels like Christmas morning!! We have been working for over a month planning and preparing for our first ever TV show pilot and it’s finally production day! Over the next two nights, we are filming 6-8 episodes of a live comedy show called @laughafterdark featuring some of LA’s hottest up and coming comics.
I am definitely feeling all the feelings: pride, excitement, nerves, and so much gratitude.
If you’re in LA tonight or tomorrow, we would love to have you!! We still have just a few tickets left and you can snag them via the link in my story.

Yesterday is going down in the books. We met up with some of our NYC family and took both our little nuggets to @disneyland for the very first time. Growing up in SoCal, and spending so much time there, I’ve literally been dreaming about his first time forever, and it was so worth the wait. The kids both loved it (obviously) and we had such a wonderful time all together.
I’m soaking in the gratitude a little longer this morning before an awesome jam packed day🎉🔥❤️

This has been a week. Major car wreck on Sunday and then playing catch up ever since. It’s been kind of a moment to moment balancing act between overwhelm, gratitude, focus, processing, releasing expectations, grace and more gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude, I realized that I never shared this pic of my little nugget getting his next belt in tae kwon do. I love the confidence and values that this practice is helping to reinforce in him. #flashbackfriday #littleninja

Do not compare yourself to others because comparison is the thief of joy.
Instead, relentlessly focus on exactly what you know you're supposed to be doing in the world. And, if it's a particularly rough time, maybe skip social for a couple days. ;) (📷 @losangeles )

We left the house for brunch! I fee so accomplished. #saturdaybrunch #saturdayvibes (📷 @thebrandgals )

An effective personal brand like any brand is something people come to depend on. They know what to expect from you AND you deliver (even if that means your personal style is so eclectic that they never know what you’re gonna pull off next. There is still dependability in the madness:). #branding101 #brandmagic #personalbranding


You show up to a networking event, business cards in hand. As you make your way around the room, its like magic. You just connect with so many like minded professionals who totally need you! They want to talk with you and help you and buy from you -they get your passion. You leave with new friends and new business.⠀


You show up to a networking event, business cards in hand. Everyone is making their way around the room passing out business cards in this sort of desperate rushed, “please do business with me” sort of way. You are basically doing the same thing. As you try and share what you love with your fellow networkers (even though it really is as good as you say) it just comes across wrong. You leave with loads of new business cards of people you don’t even really like that much.⠀


Its okay to test the waters of a couple of different groups to find your fit, BUT once you find a group you like, its time to commit. Dig in, and drop your anchor. Make these 1-3 groups your community and take the time to invest in their lives and businesses. Let them get to know you and like you and trust you. This is what networking is meant to be.⠀

If you are looking for your creative community where you can drop your anchor and grow your brand + biz check out @creativestudiosla (my other business and Brand Gals HQ). ⠀

#TipTuesday #BrandMagic

A little pretty to start your week. ⠀

Moodboards are always the first step our design process for 2 reasons: ⠀
1 | Because they're pretty + fun! I truly believe that making space for work to be fun is a key to creativity. ⠀
2 | Because it helps to start pulling all of the seemingly dissonant elements of a client's taste and style into a cohesive whole. ⠀

Part of what makes branding such a challenge (especially when you're doing it alone), is that the area of our brains that controls our feelings and emotions (which also happens to be the decision making part of our brain) has NO LANGUAGE. So trying to effectively communicate a mood, feeling or vision is almost impossible with words alone. ⠀
#MoodboardMonday #mondayfeels #moodboard

Saturdays are for sleeping in (until 7:30 #MomLife ) and walking to get waffels.⠀

Hope your Saturday is restful + delicious. ⠀

#saturdayvibes #brunchlife

Have we met yet? With so many wonderful new faces around here, I thought it would be fun to do some #FridayIntroductions⠀⠀⠀
Hi! My name is Kelsey and I love helping passionate entrepreneurs connect to their ideal clients through authentic beautiful branding + photography.⠀⠀⠀
When I first started Brand Gals, I was just The Brand Gal (singular) and I only did branding photography for a while. It wasn’t until I started seeing my beautiful photos ending up on not so beautiful websites that I realized that I wanted to have a bigger part in the branding process. Thus our All-Inclusive branding was born.⠀⠀⠀
When I’m no creative directing websites and photo shoots for our Brand Gals clients, I’m usually at @creativestudiosla working alongside my hubby producing videos and planning events for our creative community.⠀⠀⠀
When we moved back to LA in 2012, we arrived with little more than a vision for what was possible, a 9 month old baby, and each other. Over the last 5 years, piece by piece, miracle after miracle, mistake by mistake, we have learned and grown. While we will never “arrive”, we are sure loving the journey.⠀⠀⠀
Now it’s your turn! I want to get to know you... what do you do? What are you passionate about? 📸 by my girl @lauriebstyle

Never mind me just whizzzzzzzing by -2018⠀

Are you riding a wave of momentum this year or just trying to keep up? (there are no wrong answers here).

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