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The Brand Gals  Kelsey Borlan Lee | Owner + Creative Director, The Brand Gals. All-inclusive branding from the inside out. Wifey, mommy, yoga, coffee ☕️

Is @instagram becoming @pinterest ?!? I just noticed that when you click and hold the save button it gives you to option to creat "collections". I already thought the save feature was awesome -this is waaay better 😍👌💥
Photo is a screenshot from Pinterest. If ones of these is your photo, let me know so I can give you credit ❤️


If you remember a few weeks ago, we announced that we were in the process of relaunching Creative Studios LA with a brand new website and location in North Hollywood. ⠀

Well, not only is the website alive and kicking, but now so is our INSTAGRAM account!! We would be so honored if you would go check out + follow @creativestudiosla⠀

We have so much great stuff cooking right now! We are talking interview series, video tutorials, free workshops, networking events, and much more. Come check out all the magic YOU can create in this amazing space & remember that we include all the gear to make it happen in your rental! #MadeAtCSLA
If you are interested in having a networking event, teaching a workshop or contributing to the upcoming CSLA blog + YouTube channel, please reach out to us on the CSLA account!! We are so excited to connect 😍

Happy Tuesday! Feeling centered and energized after a restful Monday. Got my yoga in early and now it's time to hustle.
PS does anyone else just want to crawl inside and live in this picture!?! 🌻🌼💐🌷🌸🌺🌹 📸 by @floretflower

Still gushing (and recovering) from our amazing #snapworkshop this Saturday with @annenbergspace. Got to meet and hang out with so many amazing creatives and entrepreneurs. Such an honor.
Despite the mounds of work on my plate right now, I decided to take the day (mostly) off and just rest. It's not an easy decision to genuinely care for myself in this way when there's still so much to be done, but I'm thankful for the trust and confidence to do it anyways.
I spent most of the day on the couch resting my eyes between watching the new @davechapelle show on #netflix
How do you love to unplug and rest?
Goal worthy living room 📸from @sarahshermansamuel

live demo at the #snapworkshop


We cannot believe it’s already here! Saturday is our special edition #SnapWorkshop in partnership with @annenbergspace and TODAY is the last chance to snag your tickets.
We have been working on updating and refreshing our workshop content all week and are so excited to share all the juicy tips, tricks, and secrets to growing your brand and business here on Instagram!
We ALSO just got confirmation about a few new swag bag sponsors including @valleycruisepress @thesocialtype and we are extra excited because @lomography donated 3 (that was THREE!) awesome CAMERAS for creative on the go photography!! Swipe right to check them all out ➡️➡️➡️
Our beautiful workshop video was artfully crafted by the wonderful @ameliadamplo


The lovely Julia and her beautiful flower crowns are one of our absolutely faves and we are thrilled to have them back in our Snap swag bags!
If you are like us and can always use a little more flowers in your life, then make sure to snag your spot for the Snap. Workshop this Saturday!! #LinkInBio
Snap is a 1-day Instagram + photography workshop dreamt up and designed BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs.
Come learn what you MUST know about photography -skipping right past the super techy stuff -in order to grow your brand, business, and following... FAST. (AND we have a really really lovely time doing it).
📸 by @agoldengarden 🌺🌷🌸🌹

Almost every Monday I have to give myself a pep-talk that goes something like this: Everything is okay. This is the life you want to live and you wouldn't have it any other way. You're only stressed over the things you love doing so take the time to enjoy the process and shift to gratitude.
Can anyone else relate to needing a Monday mantra?

#movinglife #mondaze #peptalk #amitheonlyone #mondaymantra
📸from @darling

Happiest Easter in a long time. So grateful for the family we have built here in LA. Watching each other's children grow and change while our lives do too is a true gift.


We are exactly 1 week away from our special edition #SnapWorkshop celebrating the launch of the @greenfield_lauren exhibit #GenerationWealth at @annenbergspace

We had so much fun this week during the #RealWealthChallenge and can I just say, you all are an inspiration! It was amazing seeing so much of myself in each of your posts! Its humbling to realize how connected we all are!

So, with no further adieu, we are stoked to announce the winners of the challenge. Congrats to…. Snap. Giftbag: @beautzblog and @ldub_06 2 tickets to the workshop (for you and a friend!):
VIP ticket: @brandidaniels_
VIP ticket: @fleurologydesigns

We are so so excited to play with you all next weekend! As a reminder there are only 5 more days to buy tickets #linkinbio📲💻
📸 by @misskristagram


Comparison is the thief of joy. We’ve all heard this before, but when it comes to minimalism, its kind of the whole point. Everyone’s brand of minimalism is going to look different because we are all different, so getting comfortable with our own selves is crucial. The trick is to mindfully evaluate and align yourself with the things that add meaning and value to your life.
For today’s challenge we want to know, what is one (or more!) area of your life that you can embrace your own personal brand of minimalism and release the judgment of yourself and the worry about what other people think.
For me (Kelsey) one of my biggest minimalist breakthroughs was realizing that I LOVE a “uniform wardrobe”. In my life that means is that almost all of my clothes are unapologetically black and I literally wear variations of 1-2, sometimes 3 clothing combos pretty much every single day. In a Pinterest and fashion blog world, this was a very mindful decision that took a long time to come around to. But once I did, I realized it was what I’ve been longing for almost my whole life: to feel great in everything I wear and never have to think about it.
As a reminder, today is the LAST DAY of our #RealWealthChallenge to celebrate our upcoming #SnapWorkshop in partnership with @AnnenbergSpace If you’re just joining us, catch up and join in our conversation about what real wealth looks and feels like + get a chance to win FREE tickets to the workshop happening 4/22.
1 | follow @thebrandgals and @annenbergspace
2 | tag 2+ friends who know what real wealth is all about
3 | comment and tell us what you are ready to embrace as you release the judgment of others.
**Every post is a new chance to enter + win and it’s not too late!**


Minimalism is the belief that everything in our lives should bring meaning and add value. And, if it doesn’t then it’s time to let it go. This is such a powerful concept in our ultra-consumerist society.

We can all use a little more meaning and value in our lives, so today, we want to know 2 things:
1) one thing you already have that brings great value to your life (think lifestyle choices, friends and family, hobbies that make you come alive, etc.)
2) one thing in your life currently that is weighing you down that you can let go of to create more space for meaning and value.
For me (Kelsey) my #1 is definitely yoga. My practice does so much to create space, gratitude, and inner strength that benefits the rest of my life. My #2 is judgment -I want to trade in my judgment of myself and others for curiosity and compassion.
As a reminder, today is the second day of our #RealWealthChallenge to celebrate our upcoming #SnapWorkshop in partnership with @AnnenbergSpace hang out with us all week to explore what real wealth looks and feels like + get a chance to win FREE tickets to the workshop happening 4/22.
1 | follow @thebrandgals and @annenbergspace
2 | tag 2+ friends who know what real wealth is all about
3 | comment and tell us 1) what brings value to your life and 2) what you want to let go of to create space for more value
**Every post is a new chance to enter + win!**
📸 from @_bcook_ at a #SnapWorkshop

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