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// When love conquers all //

// Led down the garden path //

// That end of Monday walk //

// London in the light //

// London calling //
I totally missed the autumn of last year and gutted I didn't get out enough. I did grab the odd shot here and there but nothing really stood out to me. The moments had gone. The sun is on its way back. Make the most of the moments even if it's still cold. #DontJustBeASummerShooter 😂

// Business as usual //

// Stepping lightly //

// Calling the shots //

Every job has value. The shoe shine guy, that late night office cleaner, the hospital porter the sales assistant, without these services, will we run our daily lives sufficiently? They may not enjoy having to wear a smile on their faces every day as a customer complains, but good customer service skills are the foundation of many great companies today and when lacking customer service skills, companies to loose consumers business and in doing so loose money.
A few days back I overheard people talking about this guy in a derogatory manner, pretty much saying how low can you get. I intervened, and called them out for it. It nearly kicked off. And i was ready. 😂 Bit seriously, I’ve been here. I know what its like to earn very little. Hell, one of my first jobs was to walk around in a Sonic The hedgehog mascot outfit to entertain kids at arcade centres. You do what you gotta do. But do it with pride, knowing you’re doing your best.
What job wasn't beneath you?

// Bridging gaps //

// Walking on air //

// City lights & Sleepless nights //

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