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Drew Super  I'm Drew, 17, musician, songwriter, singer, I'll post whatever I think is cool.

finally got a record player

Oh btw this happened

So I get home today and I see this lil bird chilling out on my porch. I think he’s injured because I get within a foot of him and he doesn’t move. So I spend 15 minutes just sitting there, admiring this pretty little creature, talking to it in what I wanted to be a comforting manner but idk anything about birds so he was probably terrified. I notice that it kinda looks like one of his eyes might be injured but I’m not sure. I notice that he keeps one foot hidden so I assume that the reason he’s just sitting there while I’m a foot from him is because he’s hurt and can’t fly away.
After about fifteen minutes the little fuck out of nowhere flies away to sit on one of my bushes, leaving a weird looking crap where he had been.

Ayyy lmao

The E album is way early

No Age can never have a normal cd case I swear to god

This arrived but it only had one of the two discs in it and idk what to do about that. I emailed amazon though.

Probably the biggest contrast

Seriously though at what point is this an addiction

I'm just gonna perpetually buy CDs from amazon forever

The one in black is No Love Deep Web by Death Grips, the cover of which features their drummer's dick so it comes in a black outer case.

Half price books stickers are Not designed to be easily removed from cd cases but bjork is apparently immune

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