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The Artist f/k/a SuziQ1969  🌟Licensed taxidermist 💀Bone artist|Collector|Naturalist 🐶Pet articulations 💥No animals are killed for my artwork! 🇺🇸U.S. shipping only, sorry!

Hanging out with some friends!


Lookit dis weedo guy! I love salamanders. If you find them on your property, it means you have a healthy ecosystem.

Ready for my batties to come back! Happy Bat Appreciation Day!!

Hello, my cute little friend!

Why do you like pooping in the garage, my cute weedo friend? Go poop outside now. Bye.

Chomp chomp chomp.

Kitten is happy today is over. #❤😽

Bubbles from Halloween!

Here is our maestro selecting her music piece. Patiently deliberating her tempo and key. And then... the magic happens! #imdying #musicalkitten

Bubbles just said, "WTF was that?!?" It's a little windy here.

Christmas sweater win!

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