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After 8 months of consistently taking the softgels and recently mixing in the recovery mix after extra hard workouts - I can say that I do feel and perform much better than when I wasn’t taking it as a supplement. Full disclosure - I’ve abstained from alcohol since I started the daily supplement, so clocking 220+ days of dry living. This is important to note as that also helps contribute to excellent sleep which also aids in better recovery. What I do know that abstaining from drinking doesn’t improve your recovery from hard efforts overall. My training this year has been compact, shorter times, more power and more exertion, and more consistent. Some of the workouts get me to that 🤮 feeling and the CBD supplements have made it so that I can recover to enjoy the next days thrills with less soreness and aches. I’ve stopped using ibuprofen for small aches and soreness after harder workouts or events I’ve pushed my body to its limits, instead using the lotion and the gel caps to recover. It works very well with no side effect I’ve felt. I’ve run more and faster now than I have without injury and constant inflammation from prior injuries from tendinitis and a torn miniscus. The stuff works, consistency is key, and sits well with the stomach. Good luck and let me know if you want more info on how I’ve dosed for recovery.

Sunday chores, keeping the bike room clean and organized is an easy task when you love what you ride. Always ready to go for any demand anywhere. Hope your Sunday is productive or as wonderfully lazy as you deserve. #wayofthedirtbag

@silca_velo sponsored ride at @rapha - interesting new things for the fall, same blingtastic quality. Come view and participate in the Q&A at 4:30PM in Wicker Park.

Recovery Food aka “OMG @newtroncole kicked my ass and I’m trying not to eat everything bad because my body is raging for food really really bad” meal.

A little upgrade for the steed that deserves it most. @shufflerepeat she is running strong and a little lighter shortly. No one can resist ogling your creation. Gracias!
#wayofthedirtbag #steelisreal #bikebling

There’s some Punk Rock Blair Witch action going on at the ‘ye ol bike shop.

Had a great run this morning, mostly because #billmurray patted me on the back to wish me well. 📷: @credoble4

It’s a hot one out there - didn’t stop my big girl from enjoying the trail with me for a 10K easy run. She asked if I’m doing this for CX. Maybe I am.

Recovery spins where the kids frolic in the woods untethered from parents, daring each other to jump in the river while others sneak a kiss in the cover of the rivers’ trees. To be 12 again. Also, yeah, now I’m the creepy dude on a bike that just showed up to the private river party. Sorry kids, jus’ rolling along here. #compasstires #wayofthedirtbag

A little urban camping adventure thanks to @lincolnparkzoo - gibbon wake up call at 5:30AM free of charge. #cityadventures #wayofthedirtbag

Pretty awesome setup out of some 3 year old rims with low mileage - needed some new life, @compasscycle and @chriskingbuzz will take them and me to new adventures for the fall.
#wayofthedirtbag #chriskingbuzz #compasstires

I blame @bilbodirtbaggins for what I’m going to put myself through the next 6 weeks. That includes any style tips I pick up.
#wayofthedirtbag #runningsucks #iusedtobegoodatthis

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