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If you wonder where my love of off road adventures is born from - this. Riding in pickup trucks and four wheeling to get house to house. No road is too much, usually. My bro did eventually find the line to get up this. #wayofthedirtbag

Sometimes even the best German engineering isn’t enough to conquer the crazy mountain roads in Guatemala. This fab X5 called it quits right before a pretty treacherous right hook 20 degree incline path. After a quick tow, my brothers and I called on our roots to navigate to a bus terminal and hitch the mini chicken bus to Uspantan for the remaining 2 hour trip. Never a dull moment getting to this mini paradise.

Dropping a few hints here on my new fave bike company. There’s some killer inventory to check out at Tailwind Cycles in carbon and aluminum shred sleds for trail, gravel, and cross. Hit them up to try one out at the trails and get that small fee refunded towards a new bike! Stoked to see all the support coming in from friends prepping for next season with new bike bling being built out! #wayofthedirtbag

Cross racing - so hard and rewarding. My typical nemeses were on point today and thought I was clear until an Irishman pipped me at the line. I didn’t watch my six and couldn’t give anymore to combat the attack. So instead of a race pic or bike pic, I’ll show you his awesome vehicle. A VW van retrofitted with a Subaru boxer engine and lifted for some sweet suspension and rubber. I’ll take the defeat from this Chicago homeboy today, but I will crush him at State. #gameon #wayofthedirtbag #friendskillingittogether

I dream of being this swift at anything. Hope @katiefncompton is a-okay after the fence reached out and grabbed her ankle. And that U23 rider who fell off the flyover? And then still got up and sprinted to the pack while banging his shifter straight?!!! Man I ❤️ this sport. #wayofthedirtbag

Bike Shop Update: We met our first goal, rent money raised brought sales in less than 15 days. Good metric and we have an idea of sales and services that are most used and keeping track. This week’s lesson was the concept of ‘wage’ and how to best estimate service costs in respect to who their customer base is. These conversations are exciting as they are illuminating about what I believe should be earned versus what they feel satisfied with. So much to absorb and reflect on - I’ll be stopping by with them next week for some more learning in person and we’re equally excited! #talleruspantan #wayofthedirtbag

Been a @dtimages fan since their first album and only missed one tour in 20 years of following them. I can’t help but feel extra connected to their new upcoming album aptly named ‘Distance Over Time’ and I’m certain it will fuel many adventurous miles next year. Fun Fact: Mr. ChiCrossCup and I are DT Prog besties known to hang at the front row.

Today @jhollandtx is more awake and ready to rock this slippery and wet course. Good news, we are getting the least of the rain, and we hope the remaining races stay safe in the impending storms coming up. CX weather, whatcha gonna do. #wayofthedirtbag #psicx

A tale of two racers - I’ve had this white skinsuit, brand new in the packaging for a couple of years and vowed to wear it when I got more fit. El Jefe and I have been training and racing together for a while now but this year especially we have been logging some long miles and gravel races. The tale of Strava will tell you we are nearly identically matched in our metrics and our strengths are pretty similar in long distance events between 100-200KM. My fitness as an athlete has always been slow twitch fiber leaning so I have solid endurance and output for the long haul but suffer greatly at threshold like CX. Given our similar numbers, El Jefe has a much stronger profile for threshold and leaves me in the dust in the first lap while I reach equilibrium. Racing like this can be discouraging because what you see in your numbers may not be what you can do across all disciplines in cycling. The same is true of marathon runners versus 1600 meter runners. It’s taken me years to hone my strengths and find positivity in the gains where I’m weakest at and not just maintain strengths where I’m good at and that’s honestly why I like cross racing. Don’t focus on numbers and focus on improving your weakness.
That and high intensity workouts make you more fit and look halfway decent in sausage suits. #wayofthedirtbag #psicx

Asleep at the wheel. Out on the middle of nowhere about to race for 45 minutes and then kill an omelette, somewhere. Hope someone takes a pic of us both rocking the matching white skinsuits. #wayofthedirtbag

@jhollandtx - “I’m racing tomorrow and Sunday.”
Me - “You’re driving 80 miles, both days, solo?”
El Jefe - “Yeah.”
Me - “I’ll be your huckleberry”
The pic has nothing to do with our conversation but amply reflects what I would have been doing the next two mornings.
#wayofthedirtbag #boxersofinstagram

Fall forest walks and big stick tug of war kind of Friday. Go get some cool air today. #boxersofinstagram

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