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There’s some Punk Rock Blair Witch action going on at the ‘ye ol bike shop.

Had a great run this morning, mostly because #billmurray patted me on the back to wish me well. 📷: @credoble4

It’s a hot one out there - didn’t stop my big girl from enjoying the trail with me for a 10K easy run. She asked if I’m doing this for CX. Maybe I am.

Recovery spins where the kids frolic in the woods untethered from parents, daring each other to jump in the river while others sneak a kiss in the cover of the rivers’ trees. To be 12 again. Also, yeah, now I’m the creepy dude on a bike that just showed up to the private river party. Sorry kids, jus’ rolling along here. #compasstires #wayofthedirtbag

A little urban camping adventure thanks to @lincolnparkzoo - gibbon wake up call at 5:30AM free of charge. #cityadventures #wayofthedirtbag

Pretty awesome setup out of some 3 year old rims with low mileage - needed some new life, @compasscycle and @chriskingbuzz will take them and me to new adventures for the fall.
#wayofthedirtbag #chriskingbuzz #compasstires

I blame @bilbodirtbaggins for what I’m going to put myself through the next 6 weeks. That includes any style tips I pick up.
#wayofthedirtbag #runningsucks #iusedtobegoodatthis

Gonna give this new @floydsleadville Recovery Mix a ‘shake’. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night.

#wayofthedirtbag #cbd #recoveryshake #dadjokes

Proper coffee stop to enjoy the fresh air and natural bounties. 💙🇬🇹 #wayofthedirtbag #guatemala #uspantan

This is ‘the’ bike shop in my family’s hometown. This man has been working on bikes his entire life and has kept wheels rolling all these years. As you can see there’s little of the way of tools and stands, but if it can roll it can get fixed. One of my personal missions coming up is to help equip this shop with more modern tools and amenities to help his business grow and flourish for generations to come. This is the way of the Dirtbag.

#wayofthedirtbag #guatemala #guatemalabike

Bucket list achievement unlocked - to leave my name and that of @thebonebell on the famed wall of the Bodegita Del Medio in Old Havana. This one is for all you Dirtbags!
#wayofthedirtbag #havana #labodegitadelmedio

This might as well not have had any brakes. But man this thing speaks to me. Everything is for sale on an island in need. This is all mostly original of all the ones I got up close with. Circa 1940s.

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