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Thuy  Some follow their ❀️ I follow my stomach. Staying connected to my roots through Vietnamese dish at a time. or πŸ‘‡

I've been trying really hard to eat know that #summerbody is tough for a foodie. Eating #springrolls like this #vegetarian version really helps, I can roll anything with fresh herbs and lettuce and dip in a homemade sauce and be totally content! Check out my vegetarian #goicuon on the blog, link in profile!

I think i've made #BanhXeo maybe 7-8 times my entire life. When somebody makes you some...appreciate it! It's a lot of work and it stank up the whole house for days. I measured so this will be on the blog soon!

I've been eating healthy all week; i'm talking about baked salmon, chicken breast, and salads only. It's time to cheat! #BunBoHue

My friends warned me about #Vietnamesefood in NY, so I stayed clear away! Every time I walk by a Viet restaurant...i'm thinking it can't be that bad but the yelp reviews beg to differ. So first thing I do when I get home? Make #BunRieu of course, and now i'm totally satisfied πŸ˜‹. You can learn how to make this on my youtube channel!

I told myself I needed to try something new at @chelseamarketny before I leave today but how can you resist this lobster roll? Pure lobster meat with very little fillers, no regrets on my decision! #nyc #nyceats #SalteatNYC

This picture pretty much sums up my ❀️ for #NYC and noodles! There are so many options, I just can't get tired of eating noodles here! Xi'an Famous Noodle is the sole reason why I constantly yearn to come back here and every time I come back I gain new and better experiences. Looking forward to my next visit and what #NYCEATS have in store for me 😍😍😍#SalteatNYC

My friend who was born and bred in Chinatown Manhattan took me to his favorite spot for wontons soup for 30+ years! Wonton Garden is a hole in the wall with an 80+ year old cook and open late for cheap Cantonese favorites. I can't speak for everything on the menu but the pork and shrimp wontons are pretty damn good! You get a whole shrimp in every wonton πŸ˜‹πŸ‘πŸ» #nyc #nyceats #SalteatNYC #liftingnoodles #noodleworship

I love noodles and @thetangnyc knows how to do noodles! This bowl of drunken noodles was beyond amazing from the chewy texture to the aromatic beef cumin sauce. I could inhale another bowl but the food tour must continue! #nyc #nyceats #SalteatNYC #liftingnoodles #noodleworship

I made a huge mistake by ordering the mega paitan, they give you an abundance of pork meat! I'm not the kind of girl to back down from tender pork belly but the walk back to the hotel was killa πŸ˜­πŸ˜… Overall I really enjoyed the ramen here. You can definitely taste the love in their super rich and garlicky chicken base broth! #NYC #nyceats #SalteatNYC

A TSA agent gave me a tip when I first landed' never try the same thing twice when you are in #NYC you'll miss out on a lot of good eats'! But not these triple fried Korean fried chicken wings! I was just here last night and we are back here again for lunch πŸ˜‹ It does take a while to cook so make sure you order some appetizers! #nyceats #SalteatNYC

Fourth meal of the day, totally worth the 6 miles of walking. Y'all know I love my noodles so this bowl of hand pulled noodle dressed with cumin beef from @veryfreshnoodles totally hit the spot! #NYC #NYCeats #SalteatNYC

This is @sushionjones signature nigiri the uni + wagyu! Their $50 12-piece omakase is totally worth it. Must try when you are in #NYC, make sure you call for a reservation!

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