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The bump has grown! #38Weeks #BabyBoy

What a beautiful day spent with hubby & Miss 13. Enjoying the quality time before Bub arrives in a matter of days!!!
Today we took our time in town, mostly because I can’t walk fast right now.
We decided to check out op shops, stores we’ve never been to & best of all, I got to have a Big Mac by the beach for lunch! It was all I’ve wanted for days, a greasy Big Mac!
Only managed 3 bites before letting hubby have the rest but my gosh they were the best 3 bites ever!
Tomorrow is another day of quality time for us & I can’t wait 😊 #FamilyTime #QualityTime #MakeTimeForLovedOnes #Family #Queensland #Bargara #Beach

I have a baby capsule in my car... feels so strange lol #37Weeks

#HospitalBags packed & ready for go time. I’m having an elective caesarean in the coming weeks. All I have to grab and put into my suitcase is my toothbrush & tablets when it’s time to go 😊
Can’t believe it’s mere days until we meet our little boy! It’s flown by so fast! Can’t say I’ll be sad to not be pregnant anymore, it’s getting quite rough each day & im ready to have my body back 😊

Khloe was exhausted after playing with her new toys Santa got her, she couldn’t even stand to drink lol #HappyPuppy #SpoiltPuppy #DogsOfInstagram

Not long to go now! 💙💙💙

I truly hope every has a wonderful day filled with so much joy, fun, food & presents!
My darling niece & nephew got our little boy his very first Christmas present, this shirt that I have to wear today. Just adorable ❤️
Have a blessed & safe day! ❤️❤️❤️

@woolworths_au are NOT the fresh food people! So angry that BOTH capsicums I purchased are filled with mould!
At $8.50 a kilo this is disgraceful 🤬
Heaven help them when I return this crap this morning! 🤬🤬 #NotFresh #Disgusting #ShameOnWoolworths

December 6 marked a year since my #WLS and what a year it has been!
Every trial & tribulation has led to my success so far & it’s worth it. I’m 3-4 weeks away from having our baby, I’ve lost 45kg exactly and feel better then ever!
If you are contemplating having Weight Loss Surgery, definitely research the heck out of it & get yourself in the right frame of mind because at the end of the day, our mind is what gets us through.
#OneYearOn #WLSCommunity #VSG #Sleeve #DrLiew

I cannot believe this time last year I weighed this much! I’m sitting at 105kg and due to have Bub in 8-9 weeks. #SleeveLife #Pregnancy #WLSPregnancy #OptiDiet #AlmostTweleveMonthsPO

Almost time to start wrapping gifts 🎁
Hubbys parents scored well from all the kids this year. Dash cam (Poppy) & Fitbit (Nanny) we are making a hamper of their favourite things and having these down the bottom wrapped up 😊 #Christmas #Excited

I find it pointless using bowls now. So brekky mugs for the win! Lol #SleeveLife

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