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Mark Block  @theblockagency ; @eliteathletemanagement . If anyone but this account contacts u saying they are a scout with The Block Agency ignore. It’s a scam

Cutting glass in Denver. @bizzle519 @shawna_faye

Major props to client @kourts__ for playing the role of Emily on @nashvillecmt for 6, yes 6, seasons. I remember when she read for “the assistant” in pilot and that role turned into a regular role in a hugely successful TV show from ABC to CMT. Been a heckuva ride and no one worked harder than Kourtney. Not only did she make it thru six seasons and two networks, she also had two babies!!!! Congrats Kourtney. #theblockagency #actor #actress #agency #Nashville #NashvilleCMT #NashvilleABC #Emily

That time a bunch of old, mature friends went out for a quiet night at an upscale, sophisticated establishment for a couple adult beverages.

Would have been a really awkward story if y’all dropped me and it was actually our 12th anniversary not #theblockagency Bar Mitzvah year. Thx for coming out. Good times, great oldies. Video cred @probablyshannonford #barmitzvah #model #models #agency #Nashville #chair #HavaNagila @theflipsidenash #Party

You requested it, so let’s do it! This Friday night come Bar Mitzvah with The Block Agency @theflipsidenash from 9:30p till whenever. Let’s celebrate 13 years of #TheBlockAgency. No cover, no tickets, just come hang. Everyone is welcome. We are a fun agency that likes our talent and friends to have a good time and enjoy what we do. See old friends, make new friends, put Mark up on a chair and sing Hava Nagila. I have a feeling your #Tinder game will be strong that night. #Actors #Models #Nashville #Flipside #12thSouth #Block #BlockAgency #BarMitzvah #HavaNagila #MazelTov #Lchaim

Today...3/9/18 is #TheBlockAgency 13th Anniversary, so basically today is our Bar Mitzvah. Actually comment below if you think I should throw a “Block Agency Bar Mitzvah” Party this month. #L’Chiam #MazelTov. I’m realizing half my friends were barely starting high school when i opened the agency. #OAF.
13 years has seen direct bookings in 17 countries and 33 states. Places from Bora Bora (@megpo88) to Nevis (@cassicolvin1) to South Africa (@heathhutchins)to Norway (@itsjohnking & @patriwerle). Let’s hit some more exotic locations and take me with you!

Anyway thanks to everyone out there who’s been a big or small part of this journey over the years...clients, models, actors, agents/employees (@juliedoyle_ @jolene_holland @stovinator)) and our many interns. And an extra special thanks to @apple for inventing the iPhone for taking over my life and being permanently attached to my hand, @titosvodka and @onehope for always being there for me when I need drinks, and @naturalvitalityofficial for helping me chill out and sleep after a model misses a flight at 10pm pacific time. But in all seriousness it’s been a helluva ride and I appreciate everyone who’s been a part along the way. I’m lucky to work with and know such great people. #model #models #agency #bookings #actors #nashville

Obligatory #internationalwomensday post b/c well I wouldn’t have a business without #women. Featuring @iampriscillamiranda who traveled from #Miami to #Memphis to shoot a national commercial for #DAB today and @mscamillepics who travelled from #Atlanta to #Nashville today to shoot a #TwiceDaily commercial both for #theblockagency. #Block #BlockAgency #Model #Models #Actors #Agency #Bookings #Travel

Good times last night. 70s party for @mawhisenhunt and a 2011 @tinroofnashville party for @nashvillecheeto

Only thing missing is @zmiller86 with is. @marcmariani87 @paulyperona and @richmondjb

Check out this amazing spring video for @uncommonjames with @kristincavallari and #theblockagency @nickjdavis @colinrichardallen @norbinovak @amandalgullickson @nicole_zimmermann @brandinecole_ directed by everyone’s favorite Aussie @pippypom for full video go to @uncommonjames website #Repost @kristincavallari (@get_repost)
With the @uncommonjames spring launch comes the #UncommonJames spring video!! Head to the website to see the full version. Directed by my love @pippypom

Gotta repost cause 1. I look good; and 2. We had fun. #Repost @a_fraz12 (@get_repost)
Great offseason with great people. Safe to say Broadway remains undefeated.

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