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Sydney Marie-Monique ✨  ⚡️BALLERINA • SINGER • ACTOR⚡️ 💍 Wife • Catholic 🙏🏽• I Cor15:58 📣 #MentalHealthWarrior 📣 ✊🏽Black Girls Rock 💁🏽‍♀️ 🇵🇰🇧🇩🇺🇸 ⬇️ A WEEK OF FREE THERAPY ⬇️

hey @pattimurin, we don’t know each other at all, but I’m Sydney • I’ve been where you are. I’ve called out of shows, rehearsals, and LIFE because of my depression and/or anxiety • you are not alone. #MentalIllness is nothing to be ashamed of or covered up - thank you for being a #MentalHealthWarrior in real time ❤️

just so y’all know what I deal with on a regular basis. #racism #prolife #consistentlifeethic

Just being back in the studio again is so nice. Rehearsing. Creating. Having something made on me. It’s really an honor. I’m learning to advocate for myself as a neurodivergent dancer - “Could you please repeat that?” “Can I have a second to think about it?” “May I take a break?” “I’m feeling overwhelmed, could I have a few minutes to gather myself?” “I don’t understand, could you please explain?” - phrases like that don’t make you “stupid” or “lazy” or a “diva” or anything like that. Indifferent people have different brains with different needs, and the ballet world needs to start accommodating us!

I get dirty looks every time I wear this but I don’t care. I’m proud to visibly stand up for the unborn, the poor, disabled, prisoners, and refugees ❤️ #IAmTheProLifeGeneration #ConsistentLifeEthic #BlackLivesMatter

3 years ago today we brought our little man home. He’s our first baby and the light of our lives. Mommy and Mama love you so much, Watson!

without pointe shoes and with a migraine. a rough run, but it will look very very dope on May 30th at @bam_brooklyn 🤗 so excited to be back onstage again tackling and reimagining something as iconic as Giselle. So listen to me when I say: you don’t have to hustle yourself to death, starve yourself, or deny your mental health for someone to see your worth as an artist. I am a working dancer with mental illness. Thank you @katypyle7 for believing in me. All glory to God.

SYDNEY. 25. New Yorker. Ballerina, Artist, Bookworm. Pro-Life Roman Catholic. Out + Proud Married Lesbian. Young, Gifted and Black. If I bust out singing “No Scrubs” and you don’t join in, we not cool 💅🏿🙅🏽‍♀️hey hi how ya doin nice to meet ya 👋🏽 #introductions

RP from @priyadeluxe: so damn proud of you sis @mistyonpointe ❤️❤️❤️ #NiceForWhat

one of the most important roles of my life - baby sister. #tbt

thinking today of two of the most influential people in my life - Maya Angelou and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - who were born today and died today, respectively. Because of Maya, I have a voice. Because of Martin, I have a place in the world. Because of them both, I have wings. Thanks be to God for two of His most excellent children. #mlk50 #PhenomenalWoman

Gotta be careful out here.

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