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Sydney M-W ✨  BALLERINA ⚡️TRIPLE THREAT⚡️ Wife • Catholic • I Cor15:58 📣 #MentalHealthWarrior 📣 ✊🏽BLACK GIRLS ROCK 🇺🇸🇧🇩 🇵🇰 BOOKING:

my only tattoo (so far). we call it the lesser light, but the moon governs much more of our lives than we know or recognize.
from a lifetime of self hatred and body dysmorphia I summoned the image and the power of the moon to live on my body -
by my heart,
under my breast,
right at the place where hands go when we take group photos,
right at the place where my wife pulls me in to kiss me,
right at the place where I hold my sides and laugh very hard
right at the place where I decided to live. #tattoo #moon

#BlackGirlMagic classic edition. To live without you will always be heartbreak for me. We love you, Queen. You originated the game. Rest In Peace. #arethafranklin #legend #idontwannaseenowacktributes #dothisright

that time I brought a lil #BlackBallerinaMagic to Hearst Media and @oprahmagazine ❤️ shirt by @mymelaninmoves

I felt like garbage today and then I remembered that God, in His unending mercy, saw fit to allow lil’ ol’ me from Prince George’s County, Maryland the opportunity to put pointe shoes on and hit a step in @oprahmagazine 😭 all glory and honor to the Lord Jesus. #blackballerina #mentalhealthwarrior #pgcounty

sliding in at the end of #melaninmonday ⚡️(if you can believe it, this is me WITH A let me live) #blackgirlmagic #flexinmycomplexion

Did you know that sky high, 100-degree plus extensions were NOT convention in ballet until recent decades? And yet we stretch and stress over our leg height. Im not even happy with mine! But our individual strengths are what make ballet fun, challenging, and beautiful. Don’t feel badly if you don’t have high legs - before like, 1986, no one did! #technique #ballerina #brownballerina #workout #motivationmonday

if I wear the TARDIS on my shirt will the Doctor come and get me? #doctorwho #ballerina #balance @freedoflondon

I get tons of questions about my feet and I don’t have great answers, but here’s my attempt at being helpful! I theraband mostly for ankle strength (I injured my ankle many years ago and it’s never quiiiite been the same), but my feet have always been like this. I do a ton of releves and lots of Pilates exercises to maintain turnout. I was born with these arches and have no clue how to improve them - I’m sorry! And no, I don’t crunch my toes when I point them, they’re just stubby, ha! #ballerina #ballet #exercises #turnout

when Elena and I got engaged, the pictures of me around our family’s homes were replaced with photos of us together • this is our our family does solidarity and affirmation • they have showed up for Elena and I in every possible way - but mostly love • Black families are painted as being homophobic and closed minded - but you’ll find our folks are far from that. Our family is breaking stigma and stereotypes daily. #blackfamilies #loveislove #lgbtq #qtpoc

I’m 100% done with having an eating disorder because “they” say I’m too bulky. How ya gonna ask us to dance 4-act-ballets and then call us in for “weight talks” when we’re too strong?! 🤔 #doesntaddup #ballerina #balletbody #edsurvivor

IMAGINE IF I NEVER MET THE BROSKIS #godsplan #lifelongfan #backontheblock #sesamestreet

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