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This is Claire from yesterday’s episode sporting her Ava bracelet. She talks on her episode about how @avawomen helped her after multiple losses to conceive with less anxiety. You wear the Ava bracelet while you sleep for effortless insight about your fertility, your cycle, and your health. Ava monitors nine physiological parameters and is clinically proven to detect the beginning of the fertile window in real time. You can use the promo code: BIRTHHOUR for $20 off each order at 🙌 #partner

“Claire is 6 foot, so she was never going to have a small baby; however, she only started to worry when she went a week overdue. Claire was pretty sure her baby was going to be massive, and she was. Both Claire and her husband, Rich, had decided to go Team Green and so only knew they were having ‘a baby’. Both expected a boy, but having had three early miscarriages prior to the birth, neither honestly cared so long as the baby was healthy. Claire was feeling very grumpy the day she went into labour...” Listen to Claire’s full story on today’s episode of The Birth Hour.

“Her face says it all, doesn’t it?” 📷 @monetnicolebirths

Love this nursery so much and how well the drop humidifier from @crane_usa blends in! On today’s episode I chatted with sleep expert @jennijunellc all about sleep tips for baby including making sure their tiny noses are clear. ❤️
Help your babies stay healthy and sleep happy. Crane is generously offering $10 OFF and free shipping on all of their full-priced 1 gallon adorable animal shaped humidifiers and drop humidifiers with the code BIRTH18 at
📷 @jennaaleone
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Libby describes her homebirth as a “Victorious Homebirth which included an Unexpected Episiotomy; and, a surprise but necessary hospital stay for jaundice one week postpartum.” Listen to today’s episode to hear the whole story!!

@biancasprague felt so exhausted at the end after a 72 hour labor that her bonding with Gray was impacted. It shows so much in this birth photo that was taken an hour after Gray was born. It makes Bianca so sad to look at that moment captured.
There are parts that feel really traumatic, like the vaginal repair that was done without any anesthesia, and parts that make her feel really proud, like the unmedicated labor part.
Bianca suffered in silence with her PPD and her difficulties bonding with Gray as she had no family, partner, or community support. There was a lot of grief around this and it was magnified after her recent hysterectomy, officially removing the ability to carry another baby. She is planning for her wife to carry their next baby in the next year or two.” Hear her whole story on today’s episode of @thebirthhour 🎧

Oh my gosh the look in this baby’s eye 😍😍😍😍 Love this from @monetnicolebirths
Already completely smitten with her mama. And so alert.

Molly knew she wanted to try for an unmedicated birth before she became pregnant. When she found out she was having twins though, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to have the birth that she wanted. She educated herself on pregnancy and birth by taking Bradley method classes, and sought out other twin moms who had unmedicated births and listened to their stories. These two things greatly encouraged her and made her feel like it was possible. She switched doctors halfway through, developed cholestasis, and twin B was breech, but in the end she was still able to have the birth she had dreamed of. Listen to the whole episode via your favorite podcast app! 🤗

You know it’s a REALLY good episode when my editor (aka husband) comments on how great it is!
For Dana, this birth was as much about the process to become pregnant, and the relationship with the father, as the birth itself. Dana and Chad met their freshman year of high school, when Chad asked Dana to go to the Fall Formal dance. They quickly became best friends, and have remained so ever since. And 20 years after they met in high school, Dana gave birth to a girl for Chad and his husband Jim. Listen via any podcast app or click the link in my profile!

Tag all the expecting and new dads that need to read this. Or the ones who have been there and kicked ass! Words and photo from @vanderjames 👌
“A few things I forgot between babies four and five: Dads, when your #newborn has been fed, changed, and is still upset, swaddle them up and hold them. Check in with them. Feel their face on yours. Talk to them. Rub their back, sway gently, hum, make the “swishy” sound in their ear to replicate the sound of Mom’s heartbeat in utero. If they’re still crying and it breaks your heart... that’s fatherhood. If you move past heartbreak into exasperation... that’s fatherhood. If they start screaming and you find yourself wanting to say “Oh, C’MON!” out loud... that’s fatherhood. If you feel helpless and inadequate and like you’re staring at a final exam full of questions you couldn’t possibly have known to study for... that’s fatherhood. And if you push through that... become more present than you’ve ever been, discover instincts you never knew you had, and summon up more love and patience than you’ve maybe ever shown anybody... and they either take it, or get tired, or finally work out that fart that was bothering them and fall asleep on your chest... and you suddenly feel like you beat the system, got nominated for a Nobel Prize and got told “I love you” by the first girl you ever loved... THAT’s fatherhood. Welcome... Glad you’re here. 💙”

This video you guys ❤️❤️❤️ ・・・
📹 @dinacarvalhofotografia

Have you heard my conversations with @avawomen users on the podcast? I recently interviewed their content manager and loved hearing more about the Ava bracelet!
You can use the promo code: BIRTHHOUR for $20 off each order at
In this video, #Avabracelet user @mrslizziemcgee (who’s also been on The Birth Hour) talks about what it means to her to have the first Ava baby. It means that she got pregnant after three months with Ava, instead of the four years it took with her first child. It means that she got to enjoy that time with her husband, instead of it being a stress on her marriage. It means that she's an Ava mom now—the first of many!
#avawomen #partner

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