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Erica planned a birth center birth with her first child. After a low risk pregnancy, she went into labor at 39 weeks and 6 days. After having early labor contractions all night she checked into the birth center at 6 am on November 6th. She labored there all day and eventually started to run a low grade temperature resulting in her midwife risking her out of the practice and insisting on a hospital transfer. After a total of 33 hours, she welcomed her daughter at a Houston Hospital.
After her first birth experience Erica @okayyprim knew she wanted to try again for an unmedicated birth. Thinking her previous hospital transfer was necessary she opted for a group of midwives at a local hospital for prenatal care. After an upsetting encounter with one of the midwives in the group she followed her gut and switched to planning for a homebirth. Erica had another low risk and straight forward pregnancy and welcomed their son at home at 38 weeks and 4 days after only 6 hours of labor. Listen to the full stories on today’s podcast episode as well as Erica’s experience being pregnant after an eating disorder. (📷 @houseofhangsphoto)

Every mama should have access to a breastpump whether you’re full time pumping, trying to get relief from mastitis, or simply want to get out of the house solo for more than 3 hours!! I love that @aeroflow_breastpumps makes it super easy to get a breastpump for free through insurance! They offer all major pump brands including Medela, Spectra, and Lansinoh. And the best part, they take care of everything – from getting all required paperwork and dealing with your insurance company to explaining your options and getting your free pump shipped straight to your door. All you have to go to the Aeroflow Breastpumps website and fill out their free and easy Qualify Through Insurance form. Be sure to go to so they will know I sent you (also linked in my profile!). I just did this process myself for baby number 3 and it was SO EASY and quick!! #aeroflowbreastpumps #partner 📷 @charliedelaluna

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month we are sharing this beautiful story from @moderndaytwins again. Listen on today’s episode of @thebirthhour.
Same-sex couple Mariel and Viviana knew they always wanted a baby; so, a year into their marriage they began trying to conceive via IUI’s with frozen sperm via a sperm bank. After nearly a dozen failed tries, they switched gears to a known-donor and were quickly pregnant. Early on in Viviana’s pregnancy she began having complications, and on the same day of her anatomy scan at 20 weeks and 6 days, Viviana’s water bag prolapsed and broke. They share their devastating loss due to incompetent cervix and their redemption story of their boy/girl rainbow babies conceived within 7 days of each other and born only three days apart.
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October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and at 7pm (your local time) we light a candle in remembrance of our babies gone too soon to create a continuous #waveoflight around the world. So much love to the 1 in 4 mothers who have walked this path of loss. Share your stories of loss in the comments. Share your angel baby’s name (or nickname) if you’d like. ❤️ #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth #pals #rainbowbaby

Spencer’s @spencerbrooke pregnancy was less than peaceful. Between complications with the insurance process, anxiety about pregnancy in general, indecisiveness about a birth plan, two hospitalizations due to vaginal bleeding, and unanticipated challenges with her prosthetic leg, Spencer never felt completely at-ease carrying her baby. However, she transferred care from an OB practice to a birth center in her final month of pregnancy, and from that point through her birth, it was smooth sailing. At 39 weeks 3 days, after 24 hours of early labor, 12 hours of active labor, including 2 hours of pushing in the tub, Spencer had an uncomplicated water delivery, and was so relieved to have achieved her exact birth plan with the support of her husband, doula, midwife, and birth assistant. Listen to the whole story on today’s episode! #birthstory #thebirthhour #birthcenter #prostheticleg #pregnancy #expecting

Who does the best elephant 🐘impression?! ♥️😍 _____________________
Crane’s @crane_usa colorful humidifiers are a nursery necessity to help relieve your baby’s tiny congested nose, which can make feeding and sleeping a struggle for both baby and mom. You can get $10 OFF and free shipping on all of their full-priced 1 gallon adorable animal shaped humidifiers and drop humidifiers with the code BIRTH18 at #partner #babyregistry #expecting #pregnant #coldandflu #newborn

Sara planned a birth center birth in Greensboro, NC, with Certified Nurse Midwives. However, during her last trimester she finished graduate school and moved to Richmond, VA, with her husband 22 days before she gave birth. She hoped for a low intervention birth with the midwives at the hospital, but ended up choosing an epidural after experiencing back labor. After about 17 hours of labor and pushing for 45 minutes, her baby boy was born perfectly healthy but with a cephalohematoma; basically a very large bump on his head. Despite a strong support system, Sara struggled with breastfeeding and PPD during the fourth trimester. Listen to the full story on today’s podcast episode ♥️ #birthstory #thebirthhour #postpartum #4thtrimester #epidural #ppd #birthcenter #justborn #pregnant #birthstorypodcast

Skin to skin with dad! All the heart eyes 😍!!
(📷 @monetnicolebirths) #birthphotography #birthphotographer #skintoskin #fatherhood

When you’re a flight attendant with a firefighter husband, trying for a baby can become an even bigger challenge. This mama turned to the @avawomen bracelet for help! Ava monitors nine physiological parameters and is clinically proven to detect the beginning of the fertile window in real time. ❤️⠀
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If you haven’t seen the new Lying-in video from @earthmamaorganics, run now to watch!! (Linked in my profile!!)
Plan for a Lying-In period. Why? Your newborn needs TLC. And so do you. Because there’s a placenta-sized wound in your uterus. So…it’s very, very ok to ask for help. #postpartum #lyingin #4thtrimester #birth #newmama

Payton’s 18-hour induction hospital birth was completely different than she and her wife had planned for during the entire pregnancy. After battling with gestational hypertension during her last trimester, Payton feared for her ability to achieve an unmedicated birth when a spike in blood pressure caused her to be induced at 38+5. Payton’s daughter was posterior her entire labor & although she had help from some IV medication, she went on to birth her daughter without an epidural & less than 2 minutes of pushing. Listen to the full story on today’s podcast episode! #birthstory #thebirthhour #gestationalhypertension #inducedlabor #samesexparents #spermdonor #ttc

My birth photographer,, in action you guys!! Can’t wait for my birth day! ❤️❤️❤️

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