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  вєℓιєвєя уєѕtєя∂αу вєℓιєвєя tσ∂αу вєℓιєвєя tσмσяяσω вєℓιєвєя αℓωαуѕ ♡ I love u Bella. Don't ever change Shine ☀ like a 🔷 I Love Bella❤ - Maha

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I love how us beliebers are with each other. When Justin is sad, we're sad. Even when a belieber is sad we're sad. When one of us is happy we're all happy, when one of us is sad we're all said, we love each other and most importantly we're a family. This family is what keeps me going in my depressing times. You guys make me happy :') thank you so much #beliebers and @justinbieber thank you very much :') when my heart is broken you fix it, when I am down you make me smile, thank you. I love you, I know I'm not good enough as a co owner or a person, but I love you all :') ❤❤❤❤ || #justinbieber ~Maha

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i won't be on kik, so sorry if i don't reply... if you wanna do a s4s we can do a screenshot for screenshot

i should be playing in the winter snow but i’mma be under the mistletoe #mistletoe1stanniversary

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Could he be any hotter? 💜

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