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Ayah Sanaa Bey  Indigenous Al Mori’can *Moor/Mawr means one of light🌞in Hebrew.”Be a beacon of light in someone’s darkness”. @nonaivetees Check out my website


Research Dungey vs Spencer

according to Lawrence Weldon, Abraham Lincoln’s talents as a trial lawyer were evident in his argument for Dungey. Weldon stated that Lincoln questioned Spencer’s character by demonstrating how Spencer went from house to house ‘gabbing’ that Dungey was a ‘nigger.’ Weldon emphasized that Lincoln’s tone and pronunciation had a ‘curious touch of the ludicrous. . . which, instead of detracting, seemed to add to the effect.’
Lincoln further undermined Spencer by using humor to persuade the jury that there was reasonable doubt regarding Dungey’s race. Weldon recalled Lincoln’s statement:
‘My client is not a Negro, though it is a crime to be a Negro–no crime to be born with a black skin. But my client is not a Negro. His skin may not be as white as ours, but I say he is not a Negro, though he may be a Moore.’ ‘Mr. Lincoln,’ interrupted Judge Davis, scarcely able to restrain a smile, ‘you mean a Moor, not Moore.’ ‘Well, your Honor, Moor, not C.H. Moore,’ replied Mr. Lincoln, with a sweep of his long arm toward the table where Moore and I sat. ‘I say my client may be a Moor, but he is not a Negro.’

Hmm.. your thoughts?.. My thoughts are.. as a hairstylist I chose not to do weaves because majority wore them as a life style not just for a season and I saw what weaves were doing to the hair long term on most. Today they have fabulous wigs that appear to be growing out from the scalp and to each his own. I personally feel more comfortable with my own hair. I do feel some think they look better this way and some just like diversity as freedom of expression and we need not be so hard on them but perhaps in their natural form let them know how beautiful they are. I can’t even get my daughter to wear braids just so she doesn’t have to worry about her hair for a while in the morning.. She got it honest though.

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“Nas Daily”

So many people think that Oxford, Cambridge, or Harvard are the oldest universities in the world.
But in reality, the oldest operating university exists in Fez, Morocco. It was built by a Muslim woman....and its alumni list include Jewish philosophers.

When I heard about this, I was surprised.

The past of Muslim nations is so different from their present. This is the sad truth that I can't ignore.
But this example of past greatness, focus on education, and inclusion (despite some regressive topics), can be a sign of hope for today's Muslim and non-Muslim generations.
If America can be "great again"...then so can the rest of the world.
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Thank you so much to Khawla from Riad Braya for hosting me and the rest of the team. We absolutely loved it!

#Muslim #Christian #Jewish @nonaivetees

I AM JUST MAKING YOU AWARE. If my information does not resonate with you then simply disregard it. If it bothers you then block me but this is an issue that is important to me as I Am an advocate for Nationality. I am not telling anyone they are a Moor an Israelite an Indian or where you are from that is for you to know ,it is for you to do your homework, it is for you to connect with people that share information that resonates with you and my Nationality is not up for debate. You have to get in the movement not just for youBut for our future generations.Nationality has to be taught! People don’t understand what it entails I didn’t at all! It solves a lot of problems and if you don’t understand nationality you would think it’s just a word like someone hollering out a set that they claim.We have been stripped of so much.Nationality is more than just a word that’s why when people say the wight man doesn’t care who you are or what you call yourself I just laugh cause I over stand what nationality entails and it’s a dead giveaway that, that person is clueless because that is one the most ignorant comments that one can make #CULTURE .#NŌNAIVE #NationalityIsMoorThanJustaWord #TajTarikBey #MoorishScienceTemple


Share for awareness as this is a new era of time now, and all men must now proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the earth.
#NONAIVE #slavebrands #CiviliterMortuus #Coloroflaw #ColorableLaw #Moorish-American #ThehyphenisThereForAReason #NationalityMatters #NBC

WHY DO THE BLACK-NOBILITY/BLACK ARISTOCRACY A POWER BEYOND GOVERNMENTS REFER TO THEMSELVES AS “BLACK”? According to former British Intelligence agent Dr. John Coleman, the three world power groups: the Wicca-Masons (i.e. Communism), the Maltese-Jesuits and the Black-Nobility (’Black’ in this context refers to their character, not their skin color) all work for and under the central Command of the Bavarian Illuminati which binds them together.


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