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Better Foods  We are trying to make the future more delicious. #organicindia #organicfood #organicvegetables #organicfruits #farmersmarkets #eatbetter #orderonline

Lil something.

Found this tree in the heart of Bandra near Monkey Bar and have been waiting for it to fruit as the rains pelted down most of it last time.

Mulberry tree is used as fodder for goats rather than being harvested for the berries as the farmers don't know the sentiments created around the berry .
Our aim - give the leaves to the goats but get us some berries man.

Radish leaves are crunchy .
Radish is crunchy.
Eat the leaves . Eat the radish .

Delivery -

#EatBetter #FeelBetter #in season
#radish #mumbai #crunchcrunchcrunch

Rs 35/ bunch and this fresh. It's literally crunching as we pack it.

Order clean greens from

This week's fruits harvest.

Musk Melon
Water Melon

The chikoos were too hard to be harvested this week and as our norm , we only harvest to reduce the amount t of wastage we can.
Cheapest certified Organic fruits

Have you seen the guys tap a watermelon and feel if it's red or not. We have a BETTER way of knowing.

If the stem is off - the melon is ready,if not, keep it with you till the stem falls off to enjoy a red water melon.
Order certified organic fruits on

They aren't the popular kids. Hence they like to stay underground.

Rs 50/ kg
Garlic Rs 15/100gm
Beets RS 80/kg ( but my god the sweetness.

Order online +91.9619321922

Bored of eating the same vegetables in the online range ?

Try something different like this elephant yam.

Home delivery
Raw yam has only moderate nutrient density, with appreciable content (10% or more of the Daily Value, DV) limited to potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, thiamin, dietary fiber, and vitamin C (table). Yam supplies 118 Calories per 100 grams. Yam generally has a lower glycemic index, about 54% of glucose per 150-gram serving, compared to potato products.

The freshest of green leafy.

Organic and certified hence safe to consume even in the rains.

Rs 35/bundle.
We bet out spinach is going to leave you asking for more.

#organic #mumbai #clean #cheapest #fruitsandvegetables

#organic #ladyfinger #okhra

So these are picked one day before. Proof ? - The hair like remains which you generally never get to see in bhindi.
Also you can eat them raw and they taste as sweet as a good cucumber.

#eatbetter #betterfoods #delivering #certifiedorganic #mumbairains

Our tomatoes are not picked when red . We pick when white and it turns red in your fridge naturally.
Why do we do this ? Because our customers are awesome and they don't mind waiting instead of wanting #justright ( just wrong) color.
If we pick when red - how long will it survive ?
Instead just wait two days for a cleaner food option.
Let's celebrate the hues of #organic #tomato
No artificial ripening.
A 🍅 that tastes like a 🍅

#throwback to our Gut Health Workshop earlier this month.
Sharing a moment that makes us love what we do. Meeting pioneers of the industry and being a part of these exchanges...
It was pure joy watching these lovely ladies bonding over their gut feelings!

#Repost @moinaoberoi (@get_repost)
Couldn’t hide the childish glee in my face to have @soulfoodshonali attend our workshop with @thebetterfoods this Friday.
Shonali paved a path for all of us in the health food space today. Thanks to the patients and persistence of such few like her there even is a market of conscious consumers today 🙏🏻.
I still remember your call of encouragement some 3 years ago when I started @mossuperfoods from my parents kitchen 💚.
People from above, below and everywhere in between... always remember this is about community not competition. The only way to grow, is together 🤗💜

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