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The Betamax Rundown  The World Sucks Now.

Wrapping up #vhseptember with #shelflove and some sadness. My current media storage area allows for about 40% on full display, 30% on the shelves below with doors, and the other 30% in crates in a storage closet. It's not perfect, but it works for a home that also includes a lady and a toddler. Sorted by title, short spine out. Grouped by box type (slip beta, slip VHS, book boxes, clamshells, small hardcase clams, etc.). Google doc spreadsheet with title and label. My collection stands at around 1800 tapes, almost all Betamax. There was a pretty heavy purge in 2015 and one prior to that in like 2008. Everytime I purge I usually just end up getting more afterwards.
I love watching fucking movies. This isn't about showboating or trends. Movies have gotten me through my depressed 20s rotting in my mom's basement, my drowning in debt and booze 30s, and now as I enter my 40s there's a great sense of comfort when I sit down to watch a tape. This is fun, you guys are fun. Someday someone is going to have to throw all your shit away. Enjoy it, and those who tolerate your hoarding, while you can. #betamax #vhs #videocassette #vcr #vhscu #feedyourvcr

Partial Grand Prize announcement! @thewallofvhs will be announcing his soon! From @thebetamaxrundown and @bullyhuff comes a James Vance hand-painted resin cast from an original sculpt. Trading me a copy of Dream Deceivers was my first introduction to @bullyhuff and started us on the wonderful journey of camaraderie that is @thebetamaxrundown . For those not in the know: "Two days before Christmas in 1985, James Vance and Raymond Belknap made a pact to kill themselves. Belknap was successful, but Vance survived. In 1990, Vance's parents sued Judas Priest, claiming their son was prompted to commit suicide as a result of the band having hidden the message, "Do it," in their cover of Spooky Tooth's "Better by You, Better than Me." The ordeal is chronicled in the 1991 documentary "Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance Vs. Judas Priest," in which Vance is interviewed, revealing the shocking reconstructive face surgery he had been undergoing. (Spoiler alert: The Priest won the case.) @bullyhuff created from a sculpture based upon his appearance in the aforementioned documentary, which was an underground VHS tape trading crown jewel in his collection in the late '90s.". IF YOU WIN AND YOU'VE NEVER SEEN DREAM DECEIVERS, WE'LL EVEN SHIP YOU A BOOT VHS OR OFFICIAL DVD (from Amazon). In addition to this, we're throwing in some VHS tapes (unless you specifically request Betamax). Cheers to all who participated! #vhseptember #judaspriest #betterbyyoubetterthanme #satanicpanic #jamesvance #heavymetal #vhs #vhscu

The Miss Nude America Contest (1976) This movie man... Obviously the 70s we're a wild time. #vhseptember #treasuredtrash #wizardvideo #dickdrost #nudist #nakedcity #beta #betamax #vhs #feedyourvcr #nudism #jamoutwithyourclamout

Blondes Vs. Brunettes: Texas Strip-off (1988) Remember when society associated hair color with sexual prowess? This was the same time they associated lack of tan lines with sexual prowess as well. Thank God we've come so fucking far. #vhseptember #treasuredtrash #strippers #blondes #brunettes #texas #stripping #beta #betamax #vhs #feedyourvcr

Ladies Night Out (1983) Peter Adonis was an interesting character in the male stripping world. Starting up his own traveling review as competition for Chippendales. #vhseptember #treasuredtrash #peteradonis #malestrippers #beta #betamax #vhs #feedyourvcr

Bachelorette Party (1987) Some of my favorite treasured trash tapes are any from the male stripper hysteria that swept the mom-jeaned womem of the 80s. #vhseptember #treasuredtrash #malestrippers #betamax #beta #vhs #feedyourvcr

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