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Christina Lerchen  Writer, grief coach, quote lover and cheese addict. Trying to help other women navigate life's unexpected moments such as grief, loss, or overwhelm.

No one is saying it’s going to be easy, but we are happiest when we can let go of things that are no longer working in our lives. These things, people, and situations once served us, but for whatever reason, we’ve outgrown them or they have changed in ways that no longer fit.

Any type of change or upheaval will bring along some painful truths; letting go of friends who don’t support you, finding a new job that aligns with your inner growth, or simply learning to set boundaries with family members. It can be absolutely terrifying to change and shed your proverbial skin.

We keep pretending things are “just fine” because rocking the boat seems to painful. When we are feeling stuck or when our life is changing at alarming speed, it’s a great time to go inward and see what we can release. We can do that by trusting our gut, listening to our instincts or meditating, for example. Just be brave enough to honor your truth.

We blame ourselves when we can't connect with other people.... but the truth is that sometimes it is simply a case of "location, location, location". Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? The right activities?

Are you giving yourself the space and grace you need to heal?

Be honest with yourself. If you are surrounding yourself with people who are not honoring your journey, your grief, or your growth.... than it is time to find a tribe that does.

That tell you "it is ok to feel. it is ok to find growth. it is ok to laugh"

Because there is nothing wrong with you my friend. xoxox

Even when you are hurting, it is important to remind yourself of your truth. What fuels you? What guides you to wanting to heal and grow?

“You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.”
― Cheryl Strayed

Stop being your own worst critic. Stop bashing yourself for those days that don't work, or when it feels like everything is going wrong.

I get it. I can fall back into the old mantras of "I feel like a failure at this". Cause like can throw every curveball in your direction, and test you until you want to run away.

There are those days when giving up would be the easiest thing in the world to do.

Keep going my friend. Keeping reminding yourself that every step forward counts. I will do it to. I will practice the words I tell you and keep moving forward.

I won't give up on you. I won't give up on myself. xoxo

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends @pdogg333 April, your kindness, love, loyalty and humor shine through in everything you do. You treat your friends like family and bring our little tribe together in more ways than I can count. Thank you for never being afraid to share in the good and the bad, and always being my girl who says "I totally get it!". Thank you for the Wine nights, shared cheese obsessions and too many nights on the patio filled with laughter. You are loved ❤️

You nuture the people you love.... but what about nuturing yourself?

Take a moment to do what fills up your soul.

Cook. Read. Stretch. Laugh. Let out a good cry. Heal. Draw. Run.

Do anything that reminds you of your worth.

Do the things that make your soul feel loved.

What do you do to care for yourself?

I can't even begin to explain that this is EVERYTHING. That your tribe will help you find your laugh again.

I remember the first time I belly laughed after Nikki passed away. I took me surprise and filled me such hope. It was my friends who never gave up on me, and kept asking me to come out... even after I said I "didn't feel like it" a thousand times. Then one day I came out, and was surrounded by such support and love and acceptance that I found my laugh again. I started to move forward to the times when I could surround myself with joy, friendship and laughter. I ran toward it.

True friends won't bail when times get tough. They will surround you.

And the ones that flee.... let them go. Forgive them and know that the people that are meant to be in your life will love you, even when times aren't fun.

Those are your people. xo

Stop running away from life. From your feelings. From your vulnerability and your truth. " I learned how to live and love and laugh and to: Show up, Stand up, Love up. Argue, Fight, Make up, Show up again. Go to bat for people. Tell them you love them. Defend your friends. Stand up for yourself. Give away the things you have in excess. Give away the things you love the most,” she wrote, and concluded, “This is the only chance we get. Make it count. Live a little.” - Chelsea Handler

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the past year was to honor my personal time, and not be afraid to set the boundries I need for space.

Space to heal.

Space to figure out what the hell I am feeling!

We are so accostomed to being there for everyone else that we forget that it is imperitive to take time for ourselves.

To give ourselves the time and the space to feel the grief or the overwhelm.

To stop trying to be perfect.

To just find time for grace. xoxox




This is one of my favorite sayings and has helped me to find purpose during those times when I feel like life is hitting me from every direction.

You know those moments... those days (or months!) where you just feel like pounding your fist toward the sky and screaming "seriously!!!". But the truth is that those moments when we crash can be our greatest source of strength. Because it shows us how brave we can be. How resiliant we can be.

Because rock bottom is not the end of you. It is your beginning. xoxo

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