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Team work...

Solo rainy day dinner

In need to get a kayak

This man picked the right spot... in front of the police station

Ladprao River Part III

Ladprao River Part II

Ladprao River Part I

The indie adventure

Anybody know how to book Uber jet ski? In need to use one 6 hours from now...

Meanwhile in Bangkok Office

Little brother bath time

My journey of 800 kms on the sea and land (not include the air travel) for past 10 days end now...3 days of leisure then 7 days of working. Forgot the sunblock, got insect repellent on time, dancing jumping trekking walking swimming in the rain, seen old faces in Samui where my career started, swam in the ocean...feels free, survived the late night parties then get up early, explored the haunting island, sharing Lush bubble bath with girls, seen 33 hotel and resort properties, fall in love with Khao Sok National Park....and hug strangers.

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