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Lori "The Beautiful One"  "Empowering Women Of All Walks Of Life To Love Their Inner Beauty" Advocate against Domestic Violence #Advocate#Speaker#Mom#DomesticViolenceSurvivor

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens
It's time to start getting YOU together

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens

Please join myself and @iamdannistarr as we tap into the very serious issue of Domestic Violence, Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, etc. Danni also will speak about her first book, "Empathy and Eyebrows" and give you a personal insight of her life being a first time mother and the struggles of the illness Postpartum.
Join us June 26 at 7pm for "Dinner and Discussions with Danni Starr

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens ***EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP****** I can't express enough getting to know some one BEFORE you just jump into a relationship with someone. IF you do your interview like I've said before, pretty much you will see who the person is. I need you to STOP going into these relationships thinking you are going to change someone. It will not happen.
If you see ANY of these signs you better RUN. if you don't then that's on you cause I've warned you:

1. Wants to move too quickly into the relationship
2. Wants you all to THEIRSELVES. Wants you to spend time with them only and wants you to exclude friends and family
3. Wants you to stop doing what you love to do ie, quit school, stop your hobbies and activities you Love, etc
4. Excessively jeolous and accuses you of being unfaithful
5. Calls you stupid, crazy, fat, unattractive, etc
6. Takes no responsibility for his or her actions and blames others for their actions
7. Takes your money or runs up your credit cards
8. Call, text And blows up your phone constantly when you are away from them
9. Has a history of abuse
10. Does not respect your boundaries DON'T SAY I DIDN'T TELL YOU. It's RIGHT HERE in your FACE

I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL

Good mornng my Beautiful Kings And Queens

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers being Fathers
Thank you for taking on the responsibility of being my father when you didn't have to. You loved me unconditionally and you didn't have to, I Thank you for that. Thank you for showing me what a man looks like. Thank you for loving my son Kevin Deleono Ryan and showing him how to strum that guitar lol. Thank you for teaching me every curse word in the book especially the word DAMNNNNNN

I love you and miss you so much. Enjoy your day up there with some of that sweet country music

I love you always
Your favorite girl

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens

I often here that "omg you talk so much and you never get tired". I've even been told I sometimes talk AND laugh in my sleep lol. Actually when your life had been taken away from you for 8 years it is a blessing to be able to talk. I posted this picture this morning and got pretty emotional. Never in a million years going thru that trama did I ever imagine a smile or a laugh would come out my face. If you have never walked in my shoes you just wouldn't understand. You couldn't laugh when you wanted to. You couldn't talk unless it was ok so THIS was a privilege back then. But NOW it's who I am. Laughing is my medicine. Didn't say every day I can laugh because the struggle is real BUT I can laugh when I want to and can talk when I want to.
For all who have walked this walk it's ok GET EXCITED. For all who are still in your situation your yellow brick road is coming. And for all who haven't walked this walk be greatful.

I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens
I'm blessed

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens

Do something silly today. Have fun. Laugh. Sing your best song out loud.

Again I THANK YOU all for your every day support and love. Your energy keeps me going and I won't stop. My mommy is so proud


Thank you Yvette Steele for this amazing honor and can't wait for what the future holds for us

I love you ALL and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL.

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens

Tomorrow I am honored to be one of the "2018 DMV Women Encouraging Women Award Recipients". I'm accepting the award but I am dedicating it to each one of you for supporting me from the beginning. I couldn't do it with out each and everyone of you who have supported me. I also dedicate it to each and everyone of my Queens/Kings who have lost their lives to Domestic Violence as well as the ones still fighting. I dedicate it to the ones fighting Mental Health Issues and who have lost their battle as well.
To my mommy who stands with me EVERYTIME I Love You beyond words. And to the one that looked in my eyes and gave me the strength to hold on, @princedeleono THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME. I Love You

I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL

Good morning my Beautiful Kings And Queens

Every since Kate Spade, may she rest in peace, toke her life I've been reading several comments of how stupid she was or why this or why that. If you have never been in a situation such as depression you will never understand. And let me say this as the statement is so true money can't be you happiness as she had plenty. Her fight was just to damn hard to fight. I'm so sorry nobody saw your true inner feelings and you were just a dollar sign and a designer.
I remember vividly sitting in my closet on the floor because my baby was crying. Mind you now a hour before that I had just gotten my ass beat, I was told to make his breakfast before he left for work, I was suffering from postpartum illness in which they had medicated me AND my new born was screaming his head off. The closet was my safe place. I could shut everything off in there.
This morning was different. There wasn't going to be a tomorrow for me. I was going to be walking in those heavenly flowers that they made sound so pretty. It was going to be peaceful because the pills they gave me made me super relaxed. When they found me I was going to no longer be any ones burden. The devil had control of my head. Literally. I saw him clear as day. But there was this other side. The side that said there IS a light at the end of this tunnel. I heard very clearly that you can do this. Just work with me. God had thrown me And rope And I was determined to hold on.
My point to share this with you is that the fight is REAL. I clearly understand how some can just say I'm done. I'm tired. Battling with 100 demons in your head and then one voice of hope is super hard.
I can't help you make a decision but I beg you to JUST HOLD ON. There IS light at the end of YOUR tunnel

I love you and remember STAY BEAUTIFUL

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