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The Beatles  Official website: THE BEATLES CHANNEL ON #SIRIUSXM: #YellowSubmarine:

“We were more than the sum of the parts.” - Paul. ➿ Watch ‘How Four Regular Guys Psyched Themselves Into Becoming The Beatles’: ➿ #TheBeatles ➿Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

“We had to shorten our hair to leave Liverpool. We had to wear suits to get on TV. We had to compromise. We had to get hooked to get in, and then get a bit of power and say, ‘This is what we’re like.’ “ - John. ➿ Watch: ➿ #TheBeatles ➿Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.⠀

“We were really starting to find ourselves in the studio. We were finding what we could do, just being the four of us and playing our instruments.” - Ringo. ➿ Watch: ➿ #TheBeatles ➿Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

Happy Birthday, Ringo!

“‘Nowhere Man’ came, words and music, the whole damn thing. The same with ‘In My Life’. I’d struggled for days and hours, trying to write clever lyrics. Then I gave up, and ‘In My Life’ came to me - letting it go is the whole game.” - John ➿ Listen: ➿ Photo © Apple Corps Ltd. #TheBeatles #RubberSoul

Have you got your tickets for #YellowSubmarine yet? Just four days till the film begins its 50th anniversary celebrations with screenings in the UK, Ireland and North America! (Link in bio for tix).⠀
… It’s all in the mind, you know.⠀
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#OTD #1966 #TheBeatles play the first of five concerts at Budokan, in #Tokyo ➿ “When we came off the plane, we were put in little 1940s-type cars along with policemen dressed in metal helmets, like Second World War American soldiers' helmets. We were driven in convoy into town and taken to the Tokyo Hilton where we were put in our upstairs suite – and that was it. We were only allowed out of the room when it was time for the concert.” - George ➿ Watch the band perform Paperback Writer at Budokan: ➿ Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

“We were just hanging out. Just another day in the park for the Beatle boys.” - Ringo. #OTD #1968 #TheBeatles take a break from recording the ‘White Album’ and go for a day-long jaunt, taking photos around different parts of London. ➿ More pics and info, here:⠀
➿Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

#YellowSubmarine - surfacing in cinemas this July. (Link in bio for tix and more info).⠀
… It’s all in the mind, you know.⠀

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