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Michael De La Pava  THEE strongman gym in Miami "where Strength is everything" email me 4 online programming Team PRS #thebattleaxegym

New traveling Log up .. follow Linktree and click “the MDLP scrolls” ... been on the road for a bit and it comes with its share of adventures and adversities.. thanks for all the reads and comments, I’m back! #thebattleaxegym #1020strongman #thebattleaxeclan #mdlpscrolls #bedifferent #work

My most recommended book as a coach and athlete in the last 2 years ... read, learn and apply.. trust me .. Gift of injury after Linktree in bio under “Power Rack Store” #1020strongman #giftofinjury #thebattleaxegym #1020life #read #work #spinal

Comics, hero’s, villains and grand tales of mutants fighting for their lives was not just a fad to generate movies ...for many of us outcasts, nerds, weirdos, geeks and freaks, they were a way to connect to something beyond our world and current situation... for many of us it was a reason to act courageously, workout, help those in need and accept those society had deemed “different”... that maybe our mutant power wasn’t super healing, or flight, or reading minds but instead, the ability to live our dreams, think outside the box and to honestly believe that ANYTHING was possible... before it became socially acceptable to wear super hero shirts and spend weekend afternoons catching up on Marvel Movies, there were a few of us who never stopped dreaming, writing, drawing and painting, lost in our worlds endlessly and happily wandering around ... to those of us who collected cards, scrounged up coins for comics, waited weeks for the new wolverine and shed a tear when our hero’s died, I can say we have collectively lost the man who made so many dreams, ideas and adventures possible both in and out of our imagination... may you rest easy Stan, knowing that your ability to never quit on your craft and love gave the world so many wonderful stories of hope and perseverance...your legacy will forever be on the comic book stands of our hearts... From one Nerd to another, Rest In Peace Mr Lee #ripstanlee

AXE GIVING IS HERE ONCE AGAIN!!! Come by early on Turkey day and get your lift on with The Battle Axe Clan.. it’s a potluck of food, drinks and lifts!! Also our last day of Florida’s Strongest Man prep!.. due the devastation on both human and animal life we are working hard to find a reputable link and source to send funds to! We will be using our lifting network and community to not only bring us together over the holidays but also help those in MASSIVE need .. stay tuned for our charity of choice.. all those that come will be asked to make a small donation to fire fighting and Red Cross charities in California.. we will also be providing a link for those of you far from Miami... hope to see you all there at one of our biggest days !! #liftforcalifornia #axegiving #thebattleaxegym #thebattleaxeclan

The Battle Axe Gym sends its deepest respect to our friends, family and all those who have served in the armed forces on this nations front lines.. thank you for choosing the path less traveled

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “strongman body” or justify any type of fluff on my body by using the excuse of being a strength athlete.. after 34 years of life, several strength and Contact sports with both good and bad shit going into this vessel, this is what I look like .. after 2 years of slow and steady work, 1 year of which negated any heavy lifting, I feel a little better walking around... social media and weak minded enablers have given people the excuse that Being a strongman or powerlifter allows us to be a certain body type when in reality it’s poor food choices and sweet sweet beer (guilty as fuck)... I’m not telling you how to live your life.. but i have found no solace in molding my body by the definition of a sport but rather, building a weapon in which forces the sport to adapt to me .. contemplate heavily on that and let me know what you think #thebattleaxegym #sonofodin #roadhound #themecca

NEW article up! Click BLOGS on the @powerrackstrength site and give it a read.. this is my take on some very helpful reminders while programming for yourself in the strength world.. re-read, reassess, revisit, and revise .. learned in the trenches and decided to use this cheeky 4 R’s format .. hope this helps, let me know what you think.. for coaches and lifters alike #thebattleaxegym #1020strongman #1020life #work #program

Yesterday’s finisher 6 trips with a 200# keg with run backs .. sitting at about 252 and working on the cut and engine ... was a brutal way to end the day after heavy log and yoke with @knassbruckles @liefiasaurus at ECWC .. despite so many things against you in the road, there is work to be done.. link to articles and logs after Linktree in bio click “the MDLP scrolls” ..#strongman #work #thebattleaxegym #1020strongman

Congratulations to our very own Teen Strongman @axesebastian (on right) who came in third in the Novice Class At Viking Halloween put on by our friends at @viking_performance in West Virginia... Sebastian was the only Teen and only light weight novice ...they grouped the class so he battled hard with the novice 231 class and claimed third ..also placing a Teen Record with an easy 286 double over hand Axel Dead as an opener ...a TRUE strongman day... and yes, he was the closest to flipping that car at the Comp!.. awesome to see the spirit of classic strongman still alive.. The Battle Axe Gym “everything ends” swag and pose on fleek #strongman #thebattleaxegym #thebattleaxeclan #everythingends #bedifferent #work #MDLPose

Only the real know ... change my mind tho 😒 #openagymtheysaid #MDLPreneur

550# for 6 on a squat bar .. max reps in 30 seconds as long as my form held.. travel is one of the hardest things on training but does not belong on a list of excuses .. success has no room for it nor the titles of your fears and enemies .. one day after landing in California I decided to avoid bad form and drop the last rep..building a base for years to come, not for my next comp or my next opponent but for my last battle and my last climb to Valhalla .. warriors see the horizon not the muck on their boots .. rage, rage against the dying of the light ..logs and articles after link bio under “the MDLP scrolls” .. thank you to @sean_demarinis @knassbruckles @liefiasaurus for the hospitality at @motiv8performance #strongman #thebattleaxeclan #thebattleaxegym #1020strongman #bedifferent #deadlift #work

Yup, even you.. and you know exactly who I’m talking about.. go ahead and like my pics, I want you to be happy for reals...Repost from my primo @d0n_big0te #whysoserious

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