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Michael De La Pava  THEE strongman gym in Miami "where Strength is everything" email me 4 online programming Team PRS


Haven’t lost sleep in years #miccheck

MIAMIS BADDEST MAN CHARITY OF CHOICE! Thank you @beardedvillainsmiami for building this bridge between us and the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.. our strongman comp will be donating percentages of merchandise sales as well as taking donations day of comp! Comp is FREE to get in but get in there and buy some stuff for a great cause! #give2nicklaus4kid #miamisbaddestman #backtovalhalla2018 #bedifferent

MIAMI’S BADDEST MAN CUSTOM SHIRTS!! These are going to be event shirts and will ONLY BE SOLD AT EVENT ... PROCEEDS FROM EACH SHIRT SALE WILL BE DONATED TO #give2nicklaus4kid CHARITY !! There are exclusive to do it comps and these are two separate shirts (front only) being printed on sight by one of our sponsors @grizzlyprintparlour .. thank you @vinnner for continuously helping me design these beauties .. this is a dark shirt with true silver letters .. Miami’s baddest man will be an awesome event and time .. BE THERE!! SUPPORT !!#strongman #backtovalhalla2018 #thebattleaxegym #strongasfuck #work #bedifferent

Currently my leg life ... excited to be lifting, appreciative of the obstacles, and sassy in my shorts ... thank you @stratiformgym for having toys for my situation ... today consisted of thirst traps, fit chick headphones and red bottoms ... I am now ready for the free stuffs 🍗🍑🍗.. allllllllll of them #work #pavos #bedifferent #whysoserious #itsatrap #30inchwheels #squats #luckyfin

“LEGACY waits for no one .. it is a series of battles, wars and obstacles that fall upon your shores like the crashing waves of an angry sea.. the tragedy a coward faces is never having ran face first into the storm ... the warrior simply smiles upon their final breaths beneath the churning white waters” MDLP - Perseverance and a Battle on the Bay (dropping this weekends experience and write up tonight if the gods will me more time) .. keep an eye out #strongman #thebattleaxegym #thebattleaxeclan #bedifferent #legacy #work #powerlifting #bethechange

HUGE THANK YOU TO @nationalguard for making a MASSIVE donation and becoming one of our MAIN SPONSORS ... they have paid for ALL our competition shirts and services from @grizzlyprintparlour ... big thank you to @jlatstetter for making this happen!!... very proud to be placing this title, logo and group of Americans on our flyers and shirts .. thank you all .. MIAMIS BADDEST MAN IS A BIG DEAL #strongman #miamisbaddestman #bedifferent #backtovalhalla2018 #work #thebattleaxegym

4 WEEKS LEFT TO SIGN UP! I am cutting off entries on 3/26/18 ! This will guarantee you all get shirts on time etc .. get qualified for NATS early on and get some cool prizes .. MIAMIS BADDEST MAN IS A BIG DEAL so be there 😈 thank you to all our sponsors and hosts @crossfitkendall #strongman #compete #bedifferent #backtovalhalla2018 #miamisbaddestman

Coaching is a gift .. a passion and a way of life .. as many years as it continuously takes off my life I’ll never regret being part of something bigger than myself ... look out for my weekend write up on my @powerrackstrength log .. a weekend of true adventure and battles .. thank you to my lifters @bobbynlaura0305 @vinnner @nikkig2791 @maaariel_n @sully11b for believing in what we do ... very proud of all of you .. and a big thank you to @gorillabench for making this sport so special to belong to #thebattleaxegym #thebattleaxeclan #bedifferent #work #powerlifting #strength #wherestrengthiseverything

Been a long road and sometimes that sweet sweet taste of redemption hits so good .. first official Training log as a @powerrackstrength sponsored athlete is now up... LINK IN BIO !! This will be a weekly addition to the site so I hope you guys join me for this journey back .. thank you all #strongman #powerlifting #bedifferent #teamprs #1020life #thebattleaxegym

One of our final squats during the peak cycle 2 weeks back .. @nikkig2791 hitting a squat PR of 205# (148 pounds body weight) in preparation for battle of the bay.. applying an “off season” volume block as well as adjustments to technique, motor patterns and proper Deloads have really paid off for her squat .. the mental barrier of the 200# squat has been repeatedly smashed during this meet prep by Nicole .. she will be one of 6 Battle Axe clan lifters traveling to Tampa this weekend to perform on the platform #strongman #powerlifting #thebattleaxeclan #1020life #bedifferent #squat #strength

Legacy awaits and I’ve come too far to come this far.. new brace, stronger tendon and tighter mindset .. I guess I’m cheating nowadays .. back protocol remains intact ... Keeping total sets high but reps per set low.. trying stay above parallel to avoid lumbar pressure with new movements and feeling good .. went full baby rhino today and got a sweet leg pump .. body building what I can for now to keep a lot of hard work in place .. operation joocy juice has begun 🍗🍑🍗 #strongman #work #operationjoocyjuice #pavos #ikeepemcleantho #squat

New article on our new and improved @powerrackstrength website !! @briancarroll81 starts us off with a hell of a written up about a life of sport lived to the fullest, lessons learned and so many more tales to write .. Big year for team PRS... link in bio !! #strongman #powerlifting #1020life #teamprs #science

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