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The Bates Family  Only one life will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last! #BringingUpBates Thursday’s 9ET @up_tv 📺

Happy Birthday, Bobby! That smile right there on Tori’s face is why I love you most... but there’s so many other wonderful qualities that make you such a terrific son in law, husband, and father!!! For one, you are such a devoted student of the Bible! I love to hear you preach, and I love to see your heart for mentoring youth! God has gifted you as a great communicator, and your fun, outgoing personality just adds to your charm! All that singing and talent on the piano could probably swoon any girl, but I just happen to be super glad it was my girl, cause you are a blessing to our family! ❤️

My tenth baby is going to be having my tenth grandbaby! Wow! Wow! Wow! My heart is so full! God is so good! Congratulations, Josie & Kelton! (Heather Faulkner Photography)

Stopped by Chad’s current job the other day to see the progress! Wow! What a task at hand! So thankful for all the skills my boys have learned getting to work with Chad! (I know it looks like Jackson is the big wheel of the company, but he just came straight from his dual enrollment college classes! 👔😉) #ChadPaine #JacksonBates #LoganSmith #TraceBates #WorkingMen 💪🔨🔧❤️

When a surprise like this arrives at your door, it sure does make your heart rejoice! Thank you, Michael for unexpectedly brightening my day!!! Isn’t it funny how God knows exactly when you need a little “pick-me-up”? And I could sing your praises all day long for being that source of encouragement to me time and time again! You are so extremely sensitive to people’s needs and wants and feelings! You bring joy to my heart and I couldn’t be more grateful! ❤️😍🌺🌹🌼 Miss you and love you sooooo much!!!

Happy Birthday, Jeb! If I were planning my life all over again, I’d start sooner and pray harder to have a zillion little boys just like you! Yes, you keep me hopping with your boundless energy! Yes, there’s some advice that has to be given often: “Calm down” or “Share your toys” or “Don’t argue or whine!”.... but who doesn’t need some reminders? I know I do! But you have a heart the size of Texas (and that’s BIG!).... and most of all, you make my heart do a happy dance whenever you’re around! You have me wrapped around your little fingers ten times over, because my world lights up with you in it! You’re fun, you’re random, you’re happy- always! How can you be the wildest little Bates, and yet be so loved and adored by all??!!! It’s that personality plus that makes you so irresistible! Just one request: stop growing up so fast! I love you to pieces, little rascal, and all too soon I’m gonna be sitting on a couch remembering how you used to love to cuddle and read, and how you’d try to sneak in my bed before dad could send you off to your own, and how you’d remind us all to enjoy life a little more! Thank you for being you! ❤️😍

Happy 22nd Birthday, Trace! I remember your first tooth and when you first rode a bike. I remember when you learned to roller blade, speeding through the house! I remember when your main playmate was Carlin, and you played pretend target practice with stuffed animals; then you began hanging out with the older brothers, and though there was a gap in height and age, you still outdid them in most competitions. I remember when you were quiet and shy. I remember when you first went to basketball camp and we drove up to surprise you on your final game. I remember when you first went to college. I remember your first mission trip and the first time you taught Sunday School. I remember when you learned to do trick riding on a horse. I remember when you graduated and we shouted out loud even though we weren’t supposed to. I remember when you started your police training and when you started construction work for Chad. I especially remember how proud you make me! You’ve not only grown up, but you’ve grown in character. Everyone has always bragged on what a hard worker you are! In fact, whatever you do - work, sports, learning- you do it with all your heart! You give 110%, and you never complain about it! You’re also very thoughtful! I remember all of the times you’ve taken Jeb along side of you to make him feel special (even when he whined or disobeyed)! I’ve watched you spend time with neighbors whom you’ve adopted as “family.” I’ve seen you with children, taking time to play ball or to make them smile! Your sisters and I have always agreed that you’re gonna be a catch for any girl! As I look back over the years, I can’t help but smile at all you’ve accomplished, and I can’t help but cry that you’ve grown so fast! As a mom I’ve failed you often, but I hope one thing you’ll always know: just how very much I love you! ❤️ (Note: Yes, it’s Jeb’s bday too... next post! 😊)

Join us tonight for the MAINE event, Carlin’s engagement, 💍 on Bringing Up Bates on UP tv at 9pm ET! Also join us on Bringing Up Bates livechat at 8:45 pm right before the show!

Happy Birthday, Mama Jane! You make us all smile and we are beyond grateful to have you in our lives! I’m so thankful for all you do and for the laughter you bring! No one could ever fill your shoes!

Happy Birthday, Lexi Mae!! So excited to get to spend this special day with you! Though you may never remember, it’ll be etched on my heart forever! To see you smile and hear you laugh... to hear you talk in sentences and to use such good manners... oh the joy of watching you grow, and wishing all the while I could freeze this time! You are such a laid back personality (just like your dad!) and such a delight! I love you to pieces! 😍

Hope you can join us for tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates on UP tv at 9 pm ET. It is packed full of fun... from Josie’s tea-party-themed shower to Lawson’s recording of his new love song “One + One,” to Carlin’s huge surprise at the studio! I laughed so hard cause we finally kept a secret without leaking lol! Talk about surprises! Wow! And I’m super proud of Lawson’s song (look it up on iTunes, or just click the link in my bio), he wrote it and sang it for Tori’s wedding but it takes a lot of time and work to get it from paper to download! Also join us for livechat on Bringing Up Bates Facebook at 8:45 pm! 😍

Happy Birthday, sweet Michael! You’re always thinking of everyone, except yourself! You’re probably one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know! I think about your childhood days, and even then, you were going around asking moms if you could help them! You’d pick up their babies and carry them down the slide or you’d carry a diaper bag for a mom. You have always been “others”-driven and I guess that’s why others are so drawn to you! I remember as a 12 year old, you’d have moms and adult women circled around you- sometimes for advice, but always for encouragement! And you always knew the exact words to say to make anyone feel better! I can’t even name the times you’ve consoled and comforted me! It’s a gift! It’s character! And I hope more than anything that you feel loved and encouraged on this birthday just as much as you make the rest of us feel loved and encouraged! I so wanted to plan a surprise trip there to give you a big hug and say “I love you!” Words are never enough to convey the heart, but you are always always on my mind! ❤️ Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and feeling blessed to be your mom!

Colorado trip with some of the boys ⛷ 🏔 🏂 (Thanks for taking pics for us @chelseafaith228 ! It was a joy to meet your sweet family)

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