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Jacqueline Barkley  Married my HS sweetheart and raising our babies.


There WILL be a time when we can go into a store and actually shop without 2 year old shenanigans and breakdowns

Still wearing the same clothes as yesterday and she raided my jewelry box before coming to the table. I tried adding bananas and blueberries to her steel cut oatmeal this morning. She took one bite with a blueberry, spit it out and went "BLAH, It yuck!" 😑

Reading Charlie and the chocolate factory before the tooth fairy comes for ANOTHER one of this kids teeth. Tonight at dinner she screamed and then proclaimed that she was eating a magic potsticker that made her tooth fall out!

Whenever I manage to get one small part of our house clean the other 90% looks like some sort of explosion happened. I've realized that I'm going to die in this house for the simple fact there is no way we could ever get the entire thing cleaned to attempt to sell it.

This is how I camo.

Our anniversary was last week. I always say that I don't want presents. He always says he doesn't want presents. I don't get him anything. He shows up to dinner with this beaut and another. He said he knew I would like it. He claims he doesn't know anything about art but got me one with THE most perfect monochrome #keithharing interior. I've got a good one. And I'm a jerk. #thebarkleybabes #9yearsofmarriage #almost20yearstogether

Finally washing off all of the sand and grit from a weekend camping in Michigan. This feral child REFUSES to actually sit in the bath!

Grabbing a bite before seeing Hamilton #datenight #yesanotherdatenight

This sweet little angel refuses to go down for a nap. Until like 2:45 which means she wants to party all night. We are at that in between stage where she still really needs one but it's a pain getting her to go down.

Walked this fool ALL over today. Took him to the park and then lunch at my moms house. It was a big day for Beast.
#mcm #hotdog #barkleyisthebestlastnameforadog

Last night when I got home from work I had the house to myself. Wayne and the girls had a sleepover at their grandparents house and so that WAYNE could watch the fight with his dad. It's crazy how impossible it is to sleep without everyone in the house. Everyone is home now and even if we aren't all in the same room it feels good to have all of us together.

Me. Not in pajamas. Worth documenting. #bigpoppawayne needs to strengthen his IG husband game. (He only takes 1, then rolls his eyes)

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