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[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] Well that’s a wrap and what a way to end this tour. In July 2017 Ghost played the Barclays Centre with Iron Maiden and a year and half later they are back to headline it. This is all possible because of a lot of hard work by a lot of people and mainly because of you the fans. Cardi C thanks each and everyone one of you for coming out and showing your love and appreciation for Ghost. Now its time for Cardinal & the Ghouls to retire to the Clergy HQ for some well deserved R&R before coming back in 2019 to rock you all again.
Tour Facts: 8 rehearsal days, 39 shows, 63 days, 2 border crossings and countless miles travelled. 97,000 fans had their taints tickled and ass wobbled on this tour. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] A beautiful theatre for a beautiful Boston ritual. Only one more ritual left. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] The snow fell so Ghost turned up the heat in Albany tonight. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] Thanks to the people of Philadelphia for another great ritual. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] Baltimore will always be a special place in the world of Ghost. The first Ghost show ever in the US was in this fine city back in 2011. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] Tearing it up in Toronto last night. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto


We wish to inform you Ghost has been nominated for Best Rock Album & Best Rock Song by the @recordingacademy for the 61st #GRAMMYs.

Thank you for your undying support as Ghost continues to infest the nation. We look forward to seeing you at the wickedest & unholiest of masses this week at @barclayscenter in #NewYorkCity.

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] How good was that ritual peoples of Montreal? Cardi C and the Nameless Ghouls had a blast. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] You know when you are doing something right when all your friends are there to support you. With the support of all the people in Wilkes-Barre this was a very special show for Ghost. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] Rocking times in Richmond, VA last night. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

[A MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] A rocking night in Richmond, VA. #cardinalcopia #namelessghouls #apaletournameddeath2018 @ryancphoto

We wish to inform you Ghost is now live on Facebook with @iheartradio. Tune in now on Ghost's Instagram Stories.

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