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Mollz✌🏽️☯  Plant based🌿 Lover💘 @revolutionaryballer Optimist 🌤 Movement is my specialty🤸‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️⚽️

That middle tree is one of the many tree representations of @revolutionaryballer and I. Physically independent from the root up for most of what we see. Underneath that.....? We complete one another. #miamor #twinflame

Missing Vietnam a little extra today, but boy am I happy to be home, and this morning Seattle sun sure is nice❤

I'm ready to fly 🦋 🍄

I really, truly, thought I was going to beat Jet Lag this time around. And here I am, posting on insta at 6am after not sleeping all night and sleeping all day. So fun.

Live like you only got one life, #YOLO ✌🏼

Back in Saigon for two more days! I am going to miss this crazy place.

We found this incredible creature at our lunch spot today. It sat with us the whole time ☺️

The socks/Birkenstocks combo strikes again. #whyamilikethis

Just your friendly neighborhood fish-bag bike salesman! #vietnam #entrepreneurshipisreal

*holding on for dear life*

I'm convinced that there are as few as 100 different Vietnamese words and as many as 1,000,000 different accent variations. Even with google translate the language barrier sucks. Case and point, instead of two beers we got a mini keg. Not even mad tho ✌🏼 #samesamebutdifferent

Phong Nha: trekked through the botanical gardens, a massive cave, and the most beautiful motorbike ride of my life thus far.

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