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The Badass Breastfeeder  Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder. Mother, Wife, Activist, Blogger, Social Worker, Speaker on breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting.


"A photo of me nursing my twins was shared a year ago today. Here we are still going strong at 16 months. They love food so much but nothing compares to nursing for them. I can't even nurse one of them without the other rushing over for some too. I know this will end one day so I cherish it every time. This is us at the doctors office today while their older sisters were being seen." Badass Erica

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I'm sure you've heard about not comparing your child to another child. Every child develops differently and there is no way you can judge your baby's development based on someone else's baby.
So why do we do the same thing to ourselves? I have a friend who told me that breastfeeding was no problem for her at all. She never had any struggles and breastfed both of her children until they stopped on their own. It used to make me feel jealous and defensive to hear her talk about breastfeeding.
Then I realized that my journey is just as awesome. It's different than hers. And it's different than any other mother's journey. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and problems from kicking formula supplements, to nursing aversion, to tandem feeding and breastfeeding while pregnant. I don't see my breastfeeding journey with my boys as "problem free." And I am proud of that now rather than jealous of others.
I have a unique story with my boys. We all do. No one's story is more valuable than any other's. This is one beautiful, crazy, messy life that I am proud to call my own and to share with my boys every day. -Abby

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There is not a single voice that matters in this decision besides you and your child's. A person wrote to me recently about how she had promised her husband that she would stop breastfeeding by 3 years old. Well, the child is now 3 years old and she does not want to stop breastfeeding, but her husband is pressuring her to stop. I told her that her husband's opinion will matter when he is the one breastfeeding. Too harsh? No. A breastfeeding relationship belongs to the owner of the breast and the one suckling on said breast. Period.

"Took a picture of this at the North Carolina Museum of Art, in Raleigh, NC today because I thought of you and had to share!" -Gary


Shared by Badass Kari.

Latest on the blog! When It Comes to Breastfeeding Everyone Has the Answer. Link in the bio!

They are just boobs. Boobs in all their glory. Boobs are so awesome people just don't even know it. They have so many uses. They are incredible! So then why is it that people freak out at the sight of a breastfeeding mother? Even go to such lengths to shield their children's eyes! Yet we walk around the mall and flip through magazines with magnificent boobs on display and no one blinks.
My theory is that breasts have become so fetishized (as means of controlling women and our bodies) that when people see breastfeeding they see it as a sexual act. And therefore are repulsed by it.
The more we breastfeed in public and the more we question the insanity and the more we confront the dysfunction of society the better chance we have of our children and grandchildren growing up in a saner world.

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She had a beautiful life with her sons. They were her sunshine and her love. But then... her daughter arrived, sent to her by the Universe, to bring light and wisdom and cohesion to their family... the likes of which they didn't even know they needed. This is a photo that depicts their completion. And the woman at the center of it is the life giver and lover for all these children... raising these 2 boys and baby girl in the most beautiful, enveloping, encompassing love imaginable. I just love this family.
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