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The Badass Breastfeeder  Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder. Mother, Wife, Activist, Blogger, Social Worker, Public Speaker on breastfeeding.

This is definitely how I feel this week. Anyone else feeling the burn? I love her comparison to the bottom of a jar. .
From @loveofalittleone - Burnt Out 🔥 You know when you get to the bottom of a jar and you scrap the sides hoping to get just a little extra? Well, I’m there. I’m at the bottom of my Momming Jar. I’m burnt out from Momming. 😫 I’ve been having a hard time finding a routine for self care lately. Or any self care for that matter. I feel like the only time I’m not with Cubby is when I’m working and then it’s right back to Mom Mode again. I’ve stopped doing all the things I love and replaced them with all the things I FEEL like I should be doing. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll be the first one to fall on my own sword for my family. But lately, I’m starting to feel like a pincushion and I’m just done. I want to have time for myself, do something I love, be decadent! And then I want to spend time with my family, maybe soak up some sun and relax, coming back to them with a clearer mind, fewer wounds, and a fuller jar. 🍯 .
. .
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Are you all following @babybeehummingbirds yet? Have you had a keepsake crafted by Amy yet? I've had a few made and they're the most special pieces of jewelry that I own. Did you know that you can have keepsakes made from breastmilk, first tooth, lock of hair, umbilical cord and even ashes of a loved one? She can do pretty much anything and make it look spectacular and unique. And she is now on the path to start an academy to help others start a profitable keepsake business of their own. Are you interested in taking your art to the next level?

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Right now insurance companies don’t recognize IBCLCs in PA and this makes accessing quality lactation and breastfeeding help even more challenging. It’s yet another hole in women’s health that needs correcting.
We are looking for signatures for the petition, but more importantly STORIES (the comment section is at the bottom of the petition). We want YOU to share with legislators why IBCLC care is important and to do that we need to hear from moms. We need to hear how access to an IBCLC helped a mother reach her goals or how a lack of access to an IBCLC care hindered her breastfeeding goals. Signatures and stories can come from those outside of PA, the more the merrier.


This is called "twiddling" and it's a natural behavior to help stimulate letdown (even though it's REALLY annoying and it's ok to not allow it.) How have you successfully deterred twiddling? .
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Let's share.

Candice is a 29-year-old mom living in Alaska. "I fed my twins for 5 months and stopped because of the medications I had to get on after I had major surgery. I had surgery because me and 3/5 of my girls were in a bad car accident. I pumped while I was in the hospital then for about 3 weeks after; then was told not to and to switch because of the medicine I was on. I was in the accident July 1, 2017 then had disc replacement surgery on my c4-c5& c6 early August. I am a dance teacher; owned a dance studio at the time which, I recently sold to stay at home with my 5 girls. AND now we’re expecting baby 6 in October. So while giving up my dream was beyond hard; I would make the decision over and over to be at home with my kids and raise baby 6. I can’t wait to feed and feel strong and proud no matter what life throws at me." Swipe to see all of her photos. She's on the far left in the last photo. @candicedawnstonerock_

Breastfeeding on demand means initiating breastfeeding whenever your baby gives hunger cues. An even easier way to think about this is to initiate breastfeeding whenever you can and often and allowing your baby to breastfeed for as long as they want. There is no need to watch the clock or breastfeed on any kind of schedule. Simply breastfeed as often as you can, whenever your baby asks for it and for as long as your baby wants. This is the best way to establish milk supply and the best way to make sure your baby is getting plenty of milk. You might be told to breastfeed every 2 hours or something like that, but there is no need to do thus and this could actually lead to milk supply issues. Simply breastfeed on demand.

From @babyrosephoto - Motherhood, parenting itself, is such a paradox, isn't it? We fall in love and that love slowly turns inside of us, distilling into this sort of obsession. Am I doing it right? Am I doing it perfect? Am I in some way holding them back, not giving them enough, giving them too much?⠀

I am constantly evaluating my performance in my mind; trying to determine if the soil I'm cultivating for the seed that is my son, is perfectly balanced. Will he hit his best potential and become the pinnacle of himself? Will he be confident, good and loving; a human who makes the world better? Will I do damage unwittingly, am I already doing it?⠀

People tell you that just the worrying is a sign that you are doing a good job, but then the worry is also doing its own damage.... what a silly cycle to be locked in. Who, like me, needs to simply breathe in the smell of their child, smile and then give themselves a gift. Perhaps you need a gift for your heart, for your hands or for you mind? A book, a walk, a flower. Something that isn't of your child, something that is only of you/ for you. ⠀

We'll get there mamas, we'll learn to find the right current to fly on with our children and give both them and ourselves grace. ⠀
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Nope, not the end of the day. This is just my face all the time.

All you badasses ROCK.
"My first public breastfeeding experience shared with a bunch of badass breastfeeders for some photos of our local breastfeeding support group. I’m extremely grateful for the ability to provide for my son in this way. There’s nothing that compares to it. I also want to say thank you to you and the community you’ve built with the badass breastfeeders groups/podcasts/pages. You are so inspirational and motivational. You rock and you make me feel like I rock." Shared by @ileanyoufall

From @people - Now *this* is multitasking. 😂 Celebrating her 30th birthday with a newborn in hand, @JessieJamesDecker is officially a birthday queen! 👑

Cousins that share everything are sure to grow up besties! Shared by @glb277

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