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The Badass Breastfeeder  Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder. Mother, Wife, Activist, Blogger, Social Worker, Speaker on breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting.

Beautiful pic of mammals. So is that Dad? Any experts here? My husband is always right there just like this.

Is the breastfeeding emoji really coming?

Inspiring beauty shared by @kiera.janelle

The breastfeeding support and exposure from celebrities is so important. Thank you P!NK

More badass from @ms_millieg 📷| @roblo305 • Outfit| @touchdolls • Hair| @hair_spectrum

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I still feel angry at the woman in the Fort Lauderdale Airport line for immigration who announced loudly so I would overhear, "There's a woman in line who has her whole boob out, she isn't even *trying* to cover up. Some people have no decency." My heart stopped, my face turned beet red and my body clenched up, I felt so ashamed, before I remembered that no, what I'm doing is perfectly natural and normal.
When I first had Ayla and needed to give her milk I would have Dani stand blocking me from people's view. Or I tried to cover her but she hated it. I once walked around a mall while she cried, looking for a breastfeeding room for twenty minutes. I used to avert my gaze if anyone would make eye contact while feeding her because I was so embarrassed. But that's no way to live.
I have fought to feel comfortable enough, yes, to get my boob out and not even try to cover it, because I need to go out in public and my baby doesn't need to eat her meals in a bathroom stall or be suffocated while she feeds.
I need to work and she needs to eat. I need to travel and she needs to eat. I need to live my life, and she needs to eat.
I'm not sorry if seeing that makes other people uncomfortable. If any man or woman feels weird about it they can go ahead and check themselves and stop sexualizing my boobs, because me? I'm just using them for what they were intended for.

Anyone pumping in a heatwave? Exley is demonstrating the usefulness of the angled breast shell funnel of the Amaryll manual pump from @ardobreastfeeding! You don't have to lean over to get the milk to drop into the bottle, very uncomfortable!

Our family bed is hands down my favorite part of parenting. It's one of the things I never considered before having kids and I probably called it weird and dangerous. Now it's everything to us. I can't imagine it any other way (although I am certainly aware it's not for everyone). I know it won't last forever, I imagine when Jack is ready for his own bed Exley will follow him to their room. But for now I'll always run and get my camera when I check on them and find them in cute positions.

Badass breastfeeding beauties.
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I don't do breastfeeding pictures as I have to pump exclusively. It is so much work and so totally worth it when you get 14 oz at a time! @medela_us @thebadassbreastfeeder #exclusivelypumping #breastmilkisbest #breastmilkinabottle

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Can we get a moment of silence for this small crafting break??!?
A-hah, mamas be breastfeeding these babies and stuff.
Changing babies in the car, and spendin money on onesies. knowhatI'msayin? #youwithoutmeislikeharoldmelvinwithoutthebluenotes #youllnevergoplatinum #smallchronicbreak #snoopdogg #hiphophead #trillmotherhood

Agree with this so much.
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There are few things in life that have made me more confident as a woman than nourishing my child with my body!! .
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