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The Badass Breastfeeder  Abby Theuring, The Badass Breastfeeder. Mother, Wife, Activist, Blogger, Social Worker, Speaker on breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting.

When people criticize, give unsolicited advice, insult or claim they are offended by breastfeeding, breastfeeding beyond infancy, tandem breastfeeding or any other decision you are making about your own family you can simply ignore them. People can say whatever they want and it never has to affect your personal choices. Go ahead and waste your time being offended. I'll be over here living my own life.

"I am still nursing my two little ones (3 years old and 15 months) and I am also 3 months pregnant!" Shared by @michelle.merrill

Badass. Shared by @sapayseur

In case you couldn't tell we're all about activism and standing up for the rights of others. We are having a blast reading this new book A Little Radical; The ABC's of Activism. Cute ideas of how to get kids involved! @alittleradical

"Never letting go." Shared by team.manning

⚠️ BABY ON BOOB ⚠️ Badass Amanda and 3-year-old twins.

Is he too big to still be breastfeeding? That's silly, he fits perfectly on my lap.

Air show practice day! Where have you NIPed today?

Getting to know my new Milk Genie from @Pumpables! Have you heard of this lightweight, battery operated, double electric breast pump? What brand do you have? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? Let's talk pumps badasses!

Amazing breastfeeding tattoo! Shared by @bstrickland424

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Who says you can't breastfeed and still do the things you love - when there's a will there's a way!! I was always the person with no kids that was against breastfeeding in public, now that I have a child i would have told myself "wtf do you know about breastfeeding!!!" -- I'm still very shy about BFing in public so this post is a BIG DEAL to me but it's part of me trying "come out" about it and get more comfortable doing it publicly.. so I'm sorry to whoever this makes uncomfortable because I was definitely once someone like you. Now I find it one of the most beautiful and sweet thing ever and I want to raise more awareness to make it more NORMAL. -- Why is it that before i was a mom I literally only have seen maybe two women breastfeed in public?? because society makes its so taboo. ANYWAYS so here it is, this is my life and what I do.. I've come a looong way and still very shy about it but I'm here to say I don't give a F what you think ;) I love my baby more than I care about your opinions!!!! Please comment below if you support breastfeeding 💜 #breastfeeding #badassbreastfeeder #breastfeedingawareness #breastfed #normalizebreastfeeding


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