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The Baby Comfort  The Original Organic,Handcrafted Infant Lounge Bed: 0-24mos|Read safety warnings before use 👍 Visit us at our website for more:

A Tuesday well spent 😎

The Organic White Infant Lounge Bed 0-24M

#rp Harlem has a word for y’all today! Drop a “💛” if y’all believe in God’s truth! But Jesus looked at them & said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” —Matthew 19:26 Thanks @thebabycomfort for his little baby lounging bed we use faithfully! ☺️ #HarlemXRush


We have not forgot about launching our |
100% Cotton Collection ♻️

We just want to ensure the quality is 100 % Cotton made in the USA 🇺🇸 #thestruggleisreal

We are constantly looking for partnership that represent our core values 👌
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The Organic Infant Lounge Bed is your safe and comfy Co-sleeping option 👣

Co-sleeping is a sleep style in which babies and parents sleep alongside each other as opposed to sleeping in separate rooms. Parents who desire the co-sleeping method sleep in sensory proximity in range of the baby. The benefit is that babies senses the presence of mom enhanced by touch, smell, taste, or noise. The benefit for moms is easy access when the nursery is inside the bedroom or alongside the bed with the luxury of aiding and responding to baby needs

Have you crossed over yet❓

If NOT, What are you waiting for❓

The Organic Infant Lounge Bed is your secondary option outside of the crib ❗️But why not make it your FIRST option especially in baby early critical stages of development 👶 •

Baby’s definition of 💭
s u n d a y f u n d a y | ⬇️ The Flower Power 🌸 Organic Infant Lounge Bed ➕ Disney Channel & Chill with unlimited milk 🍼 •

Happy Sunday Everyone 💙💗

S a t u r d a y ‘ s | R | F O R
Gender Reveal 💗💙
P A R T I E S which are the best!!!
M U M S... what did your color reveal ❓ •

Share your gender reveal experience with us‼️
T E A M 💙
T E A M 💗

Such a Summer Sensation 💗 #preciousmoments
The Organic Infant Lounge Bed 0-24M 💕

Learn More 📷 @aliciaeverafter

Make your baby apart of your heathy lifestyle MOMS ‼️
Keep it Light, Simple, but regularly💪
Consistently is key‼️
Always speak with your doctor first if deciding to exercise before your six week appointment‼️ The Organic Infant Lounge Bed is perfectly made for infants 0-24months ❤️The oval rectangular shape pillow alongside its distinctive curves keeps the infant in an ideal position while providing comfort
Visit us at our website for more information
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The Organic Infant Lounge Bed was meant to do so much more 👌
Do not settle for ordinary co-sleeper when deciding your level of comfort and safety for your baby 👶
Learning to sit
The Organic Infant Lounge Bed 0-24M
Infants will learn to sit independently between 4 and 7 months. Infants will build strong head snd neck muscles while independently holding their head up
Propping with your Organic Infant Lounge Bed is the introduction to sitting upward. Propping your infant in a sitting position is the gateway to true independent sitting and head control
The Organic Infant Lounge Bed | Blue Waves
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L E T S * T A L K | s e l f c a r e
a f t er * g i v i n g * b i r t h
Postpartum is Real ‼️
The joys of Motherhood are accompanied with Emotional & Physical changes during pregnancy and stay long after birth🤰
No matter how well you prepare every mother endures their personal transition differently. The transition during pregnancy 9-10 months and delivery leave very little time to successfully process the many emotional and physical changes internal and external that is now apart of your new normal 👣 immediately after birth as new moms the focus is bonding & breastfeeding 🤱 and nurturing. Forcing many moms to suppress or avoid the signs. *****
Self Care is very important to motherhood ❤️ Embrace your new normal but also embrace the many things that make you feel like your normal self 🙌
Share your thoughts and experiences that helped you during your transitioning ‼️
***no mum shaming-***

Late Nights...Early Mornings •

( and make sure you get some shut-eye too) 🙌

The Organic Infant Lounge Bed 0-24M is your Secondary Sleeping option outside of “the crib” •
The Organic Infant Lounge Bed is a safe and comfortable co-sleeping option for mother's who desire newborn nursery inside bedroom or alongside the bed with the luxury of aiding and responding to baby needs. The Organic Infant Lounge Bed mimics a mother's womb allowing infants to feel secure while close to mom at the same time perfect for breastfeeding in the middle of the middle of the night

In 5️⃣ 4️⃣ 3️⃣ 2️⃣ 1️⃣...S A L E
N O W‼️
S U M M E R 🌞 ...
H E L L O Sale‼️Sale‼️Sale‼️ Weekend Sale | 20% OFF
Promo code| SUM20
Feature: Organic Infant Lounge Bed 0-24M | Your Secondary Sleeping option outside “the crib” .
Providing your infant with comfortable lounge and play time in the early stages of critical development 0-24 months. Infants will enjoy relaxation, sleeping, sleep elevation, propping, tummy-time, and lounging while kicking and cooing 👣
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I start my mornings with one cup of coffee ☕️ after I feel like I can take over the world🌎...which is always a great feeling Mums ❤️
Grab your coffee & go be great mums 👏
Morning! Happy Tuesday !

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