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Luke  Do cool shit.

Seriously, The Pope's vacation village is amazing. If you go to Rome, take the 30 min drive outside the city to experience this volcanic lakeside village. #notinitalybutidliketobe

The pope really knows how to vacation #notinitalybutidliketobe

This is the exact reason I drink coffee today. I have yet to find a place that makes espresso of remotely the same quality back home yet, but this was a life changing drink. #notinitalybutidliketobe

It's rare that I remember a pivotal moment in my life. Or remember a moment at all. Going to this espresso shop in Rome was one of those moments. #notinitalybutidliketobe

This was by The Coliseum. I didn't takes notes and so I don't remember that it was. Forgive me, it's been a while. #notinitalybutidliketobe

So glad I got to see this. The whole experience is very touristy, but damn is it cool to see a structure that has been standing for almost 2,000 years in person. #notinitalybutidliketobe

This view is what made me start looking for apartments in Rome. There is some surprisingly good deals in that city, but very hard to find. #notinitalybutidliketobe

The Vatican museum and the Guggenheim have a lot in common #notinitalybutidliketobe

Seeing modern art in the Vatican is strange, but incredibly refreshing that a country with so much history can look forward like that. #notinitalybutidliketobe

More of the church tour. I was astounded by how vivid the colors were everywhere inside. Especially for how old the structure is. #notinitalybutidliketobe

St Peters Basilica. Just wow. #notinitalybutidliketobe

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