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ᴀsʜʟᴇʏ🐰ᴅᴇᴇ  ʆίϯϯψ Ƙίϯϯψ | ςεδմɕϯίѵε ɓαδαςς

shmood : sick & lit #dismorningsblunt @famousdex

Had an extra lit time at #HighTimesHarvestCup😎🌬 it was a little chilly ☃️ and now I have the sniffles 🤧 but it was totally worth it getting to see everyone and pick up some goodies along the way 💕✨ #theashleydee @hightimesmagazine @harvestcup2017 @thashotta @happystick @gethigheverywhere @losangeleskush_ @greenwolf.cali @_urbols_ @madcowgenetics @therealbrassknucklesog_ @pure.terps @__zkittlez__ @bongbeauties @delabeuhh @cookies @mrktjane @snoopspremium @snoopdogg @dankgals @hitmancoffeeshop @backwoods_cigars

🚨instant update🚨
@snoopspremium Just came through with such a dope/sweet care-package and might’ve made my sniffles a little(a lottle) better😩🙌🏼 thank you so much! 💚

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?🍍 #spongebobnotsosquarepants #theashleydee

See the back of my silly, thrown together costume in my story 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

happy halloween babes!🐆💋 #theashleydee @og.atmos #throwback #halloween15

watch my story for the best shot from this set 😈😋🤣

I’m a tennis player, duh 🙄🎾 #theashleydee @ryancalderonphotography #throwback

cake for breakfast?🍰 #humpday #meow

meow🐱 #theashleydee

...runaway with me💕🌎 #theashleydee @og.atmos

no time for pínches pendejos🌵#theashleydee #humpday @og.atmos

midnight snack🌙 #theashleydee @og.atmos

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