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Instead of splashing thousand words...

Everything you can imagine is real.
Pablo Picasso

On 📸: wonderful illustration by @kerryannejordinsonart.

Have a nice Friday evening!
"Exhale" by @michellegilksart, acrylic painting, 76 x 76 cm.

Mini workshop by Lynne Mettam @lynnesartnstuff 'How to do mixed media art':
So, this is how I do it. But remember there're no wrong ways. You can always paint over mistakes or glue more paper over!
You need:
💠 some paper or fabric (old cards, magazines, newspaper, tissue paper, old wrapping paper, left over fabrics or lace)
💠 sharp scissors
💠 any thick glue that will handle heavy papers or light
💠 any paint you can think of that you would like to experiment with.
It is a good idea to have an idea of what your subject will be and what support you will use. Initially, get a thick cardboard box and cut it to the size you want to use. Then, here is a must, gesso or flat house paint, water soluble to paint over the porous cardboard. You can do a couple of coats with the gesso or house paint – as long as it will not allow the glue to soak in too much. Your supports are found all over the place, in thrift shops, canvas blocks from the art shop, thick cardboard or older framed pics that you can gesso over a few times and oil boards and Masonite board that often family members have started painting on but have abandoned. You can also use the new wooden boards which are great and found in art shops. However, they are not cheap and you are best to use anything to hand first up until you are confident with your style and subjects. As you get better you can even decorate chairs and furniture!
After choosing your subject you can sketch the idea onto the dried support loosely and then paste away with your gathered bits and pieces of coloured and plain papers. Once you have a vague idea of how it is going to look, you can add some paint and paint over or around your glued papers, or simply leave them stand and add a few more papers on top as well. You may have some fabric also or lace, you may feel like using some cotton pieces or some cut outs. The good thing about this is that you can move them around your design/subject before you paste to can get a good idea of how the whole thing is looking. You can even tear and distress the papers or fabric you have already pasted!
Continued in comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Another jellyfish by illustrator @sofie_seyah.
T E N T A C L E • T A N G L E
This jellyfish/sea nettle is from the Chrysaora genus. They catch their prey by spreading out their tentacles like a net, and release thousands of toxin-laden nematocysts from their tentacles when prey brushes against them. They then use their ‘arms’ to move the paralysed prey to their mouth.
They typically feed on zooplankton, crustaceans, molluscs, small fish and other jellyfish. While their nematocysts will give you a bit of a sting, they’re not lethal.
📷 & styling: @sugarshack_styling_co @sugarshackphotography 
Japanese glass floats and fishing net: @coastalvintage.

Lynne Mettam @lynnesartnstuff about mixed media art:
Using mixed media as an art-form is not new. It covers a whole spectrum of artwork as far back as the Japanese using papier-mâché to make just about anything hundreds of years ago, to “recent” times of Picasso and Braque to name just two greats who used it to great advantage in their careers. It is just great fun and worth a try if you haven’t used it before.

Everyone has different ideas about how and what to use when embarking on mixed media art, from playing with paper to working with their own designs and cut-outs, to using phone book pages ripped up or wall paper..whatever turns you on in the realm of paper/fabric will do, although in some cases – be careful of copyright!
On 📸:
▪️Cover - Silver roses by @o.kolt, mixed media.
▪️ "Consuella" by @lynnesartnstuff. Original Mixed Media and Acrylic Artwork on Canvas. $160.
▪️"Alice" - Girl with Art Deco Vase by @lynnesartnstuff. Collage & mixed media with black frame $180.00.
▪️Gold Roses by @o.kolt. Mixed media.
▪️"Shakan" by Demi Mcleod. Mixed media on canvas 102 x 102 cm, $1,500.
▪️"Ahoy There" by @lesley_fitzpatrick.
Collage and mixed media on cradled wood panel. 25x20x2cm
▪️"Black Cockatoo 2" by @atelierdejoie. Mixed media on wood panel with found object.

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

Julia Morgan
Acrylic on canvas by Natalia Kaighin.
76cm x 76cm

Your living room is the place where you would prefer to relax after a long day at work. It is also the place where you entertain all the guests visiting you.
We collected a few ideas which can help you to choose art for your living room:
🖼 You could choose prints if you are the type who would change the interiors frequently. Also you could choose something that would be cost effective as well as can be reused in some other part of the house at a later point of time.
🖼️ You could choose the artwork based on the color of the furnishings in the living area to a matching look.
🖼️ You could also decorate your living room depending on the aura you want set in the room.
🖼️ You could choose a combination of arts to play with contrast and color accents.
Whatever you will choose, make sure that the art pieces are neither too small nor too big on the walls and remember the type of art you decide on completely reflects on your persona.
We asked our artists for some examples. You can find them in the gallery. Just swipe to see all photos.
Which variant do you like more?

Since ancient times, the "Enchanted Valley" has been the traditional homeland of the Noongar people of Australia's South West.

Their oral history recounts the time when ancestral heroes traversed the lands of epic journeys, designating sacred sites and shaping the formless continent into its valleys and water ways. The creation stories have been recalled in ceremonial song and dance, describing in great detail the time of "The Dreaming" and the people's connection to their land and every living being in it.

Much has changed in light of urban development and expansion in this part of the world. However, walking through the Australian Bush there are times when the Dreaming seems palpable.

A series of photos "Enchanted Valley" by @studiosheva.
The photos capture a misty morning in the "Enchanted Valley" of Western Australia.

Prints on smooth fine art paper, 310 gsm with archival ultra-chrome inks are available at The Artisan Store Fremantle.

Out newest member of the team is Natali @magic_is_around_us. She does our social media.

Natali is a textile artist of @crochettiky. She creates different cuties using yarn and hook. Natali believes that every toy has its own characte, likes to play with her creations and hates to write textes about herself 😂

Today is R U OK? Day. It's the national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that any day is the day to ask, “Are you ok?” and support those struggling with life.
Staying connected and having meaningful conversations is something we can all do.
Be considerate to people around you and yourself. It's really important.

Today we would like introduce you Rowena Mitchell, the founder and the owner of The Artisan Store Fremantle.

Rowena has worked for many years at an executive level within the Architectural Industry in Perth. Her career spans design, technical drawing and drafting, project management, interior design and architectural consulting.  The world and influences of art, culture and design have been a constant companion and inspiration and have informed her work both in the architectural world and in her work now as a silversmith/jewellery artist and gemologist.

A passionate collector of jewellery for over 30 years, that started in her youth as a silver charm bracelet gifted from her Grandmother.

In 2008 Rowena commenced formal training and study in jewellery making at Challenger Tafe. Then completing a Diploma in Gemology in 2014.

Rowena is constantly developing her knowledge and technical skills and honing existing skills that has enabled her to establish her own jewellery studio @remjewellery.

She now divides her time between the jewellery bench and looking after The Artisan Store.

Today Rowena invites you for a mini tour of her REM Jewellery studio, which sits in a secluded garden environment surrounded by an eclectic gallery of both antique & modern paintings, furniture and treasured items.
Swipe to watch the video. ✨
Spoiler: in the end you can see the fluffy inhabitant of REM Jewellery studio. He's very cute, isn't he? 😍

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