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⠀ ;multifandom 👼🏼  ⠀people need people

i don’t know how i havent edited this gem yet

[@hollandroden] •
I made an edit like this once and I didn't really like it but I remade one for Holland and I kinda like how it came out. But again idrc how many likes my edits get, they take a long ass time to make and I'm gonna share them dammit(:

[noora sætre] 💌
okay so I already know this is going to get like 3 likes but I really don't care because I just wanna stress my love for Noora/Josefine because she is the actual loml and if you don't watch skam GO DO IT RIGHT NOW.

[tessa gray] 🌺
okay so I recently finished The Infernal Devices and can I just say it's the best series I've read in a while, if you haven't read it please do because it's beyond amazing.

[willa holland] 🌸
I didn't watermark this cause
I didn't feel like it so.. & sorry if
this is lame I just loved the color + willa 😻

[clary fray] 🌷
as much as I love kat, I kinda just love lily as clary, but don't get me wrong I do love kat 💘

@adelaidekane 👼🏼💗
I just spent the last two hours unfollowing the people who weren't following me back :))

march 29 2016;
I've been gone lately I know :(( but here's an edit of Queen b Cassie and if you don't watch this show I 10/10 recommend it 👼🏼

i'm on spring break !! even though it's like 39° out, but oh well no school

a bright edit of effy because the weather is nice today !! & we get to see a little of my sunshine allison on teen wolf tonight which will really help with the shit day I had ☹

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