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THE ΔNTIQUΔRIΔN  Puttin' a lil' gravel in my travel.

Bought a good chunk of an estate this weekend. This was the gem in a literal shitstack. I've been looking for this crate in worse condition for a while now. #canuckcrate #icollectshotshellboxes

Fambly day dim sum with #thelittlesthipster

When you get your lady Deep Purple / Alice Cooper tickets for V-Day but can't give her an "online confirmation" and still expect "reciprocation" ~ Love you darling @emmacrotch ~ Stoked to re-celebrate in September!

Drinking every night because we drink @creemoresprings to my accomplishments.

Pretty good summation of the weekend as a whole.

North Bay giving us an eerie yet calming glow.

...and don't forget to check out S01E02 near the end of the post! ~ link in bio @transcanadafryway #transcanadafryway

A big ol' gravy smothered thanks goes out to @dailyhivetoronto + @lioraipsum for the @transcanadafryway love and for adding a bit of interactivity to our adventures. Go have a read ~ link in bio! #transcanadafryway

Big ol' pot of Tuscan tears. #whatdreamsaremadeof