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Hey, @olimakes here 👋🏽, these are 3 portrait photographers you should be following. The combination of these three unique styles has highly influenced us over the last few months. What portrait photographer you feel inspires you?

Visuals by @josilito

If we were to share one tip for people starting out their creative careers, it would be to find out what really fuels their creativity and focus on that. What makes you, you?
Visuals by @rafikgreiss

This week, we have Luka Khabelashvili (@luka.khabelashvili). His unique creative approach using warm soft tones and composition to convey a Tumblr-ish vibe. Huge inspiration! Make sure you guys check out his page and say hi 👋🏽 -
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See what others don’t.
Image by @cameronmcmurtrey
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Visuals by @mike.depetris

Artists are simply people with complex minds.
Visuals by Mariana (VSCO)
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Recent shoot with @olimakes & @gerrellhankton. 🎾
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We’ve teamed up with the homie @mnd.set to create a short video for you guys to dive into his mind and see what fuels his creativity. Video now on YouTube. Link in bio!

More negative space please?
Visuals by @reycanlasjr & @simonphilipwhite
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Did we mention we like negative space around here???? #theantidose

B/W feels
Visuals by @cameronmcmurtrey
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