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Many believe they need to close a chapter before opening a new one. They see closure as a cleansing, a washing away, and they don’t allow themselves to move on until what is preventing them from moving on has completely dissolved. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t closure stunt growth? Not allowing yourself to push forward until you have let go of the past becomes a damn, a missed fallen domino piece, quicksand. According to this definition, closure will keep you closed.
I believe closure is having the ability to transition, walking after that crippling event or relationship. Closure then is courage. Closure is not allowing what happened to have power over you, determine who you are, or how you want to live your life. That piece of your story contributed to your journey. It is polish. Not tarnish. Closure doesn’t have to mean forgetting about or erasing memories.
The events that have happened to us, the relationships we have been through, they are valuable. To hope they didn’t happen or push them away is not closure. That is denial. Closure means to accept, learn from, but most importantly begin again. Closure is a bridge, not a door.
Tag someone who needs to redefine closure.

So proud of our life coaching intensive. We don’t just train and certify life coaches. We’re a movement to change the way we change. We believe you can help others in a way that’s honest to you. We are a 💯live course. NOT a video course. You only need two things to become a life coach. A passion to help others. And a kick ass training program. If you have the 🔥, I can help you with the other. Come ride with us. Click my bio link and hit “want to be a life coach?” Invest in yourself. The time is now.

Easier said than done. But you can’t grow, evolve, and expand if you are constantly living in your head. That is called suffering. To be awakened means to live fully and to live fully you have to be here. Where do you live?

Trust your story.

In this episode, I talk about my evolution from wanting shiny things (searching for answers outside of me) to searching for meaning, purpose, and peace (answers inside of me). Okay and still wanting some shiny things. Click my bio link and hit podcast.

It’s Friday. What’s your fuck it?

It is shared. By two people having their own life. The only thing you own is your own shit. Hopefully. If you don’t have your own life, the relationship becomes your life. So you grab it, depend on it, and believe you own it. This results in control, jealous, entitlement, enmeshment, and fear.
One of the things I say the most as a relationship coach is “Get a life”. And I mean it. So many depend soley on their relationship to make them happy, it becomes their sun. And they start to lose themselves in it. You are sharing your life with your partner. Not exchanging your life for your partner. Focus on you and your dreams and all the things you want to do in this world. And your partner does the same. And the relationship is built as you guys pedal and charge forward, on different paths but holding hands. Every day. Sharing stories and supporting each other. Learning. Growing. Supporting. Next to each other. Not on top. Holding. Not grabbing. Two pistons pumping to move the engine (relationship) forward. Not fighting for the steering wheel.
There is you. There is the person you choose to love, which is a daily choice. And there is the relationship that is built through two people doing life together. Not at each other. Around each other. But next to. And the relationship becomes its own living breathing thing. You guys both created it. But no one owns it. If you believe you own it, it will die.
More about this on my IGTV
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You don’t want to miss next week’s online gather. I have a special guest, trauma specialist @mcymcd. She will school you on trauma and how to begin to healing from it. Trauma isn’t just about sexual assault or war. We all have some form of trauma because no one enters adulthood unscarred. Seats are very limited. $60. Email me if you want in theangrytherapist@gmail. Weekly, Tues and Weds at 6pm pst. For more info on my online gathers, click my bio link and hit online gathers.

As life happens, we slowly lose our voice. Friends, family, advertising, and work put their shoulds on us and we start to wear muzzles. Afraid of push back and not being liked, we gradually become invisible, living outside in instead of inside out. (Whenever we live outside in instead of inside out, we become invisible). This starts to ripple in everything we do. In what we create, how we manuever in relationships, how we choose to love, the projects we decide to invest in, the careers we embark on. We now live with a ceiling, creating a limited world for ourselves. This caps our experiences which limits our beliefs and vice versa. We don’t know what we can do or what’s possible. We are now grayed out. Our life link is dead. We are unclickable.
What do you have to do to find your voice again? But more Importantly, what does it look like to stand on it?

Thank you 🙏🏽. If anyone wants a copy hit my bio link and click on The Angry Therapist book.

Thank you for being kind. Gentle. For making an effort to truly see me. For practicing transparency. Creating a safe space. For being a foodie. For having a life. For looking inward. For being consistent. Caring about the world and people and doing what’s right. For holding up. For sweating with me. For always having a list, since I don’t. Reading next to me. Organizing our trips. For sharing your dreams, passions, gifts, and love for depth psychology. For scratching my back. Dealing with my shit. Helping me explore and create new definitions of love. Thank you for being patient with me. And finally, for not getting mad at me for posting that last photo. @vanessasbennett

I’ve been a walking reaction for most of my life. Our reactions are tied to what we’ve been through that haven’t been resolved in us. They stem from rejection, protection, losing control, and ego. They create distance, shields, and isolation. I finally have the ability to respond instead of react. To insert the emotional speed bump. To sit with things. Sort out. Let go. And own. I think this is one of the greatest tools when it comes to self awareness. And of course, relationships. Because when you are responding, you are practicing responsibility. You are creating a safe space. Tag someone who has the ability to respond to let them know you noitce. 👊🏽

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