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Ben Moffat  Living in Sweden with my wife & 4 kids. All Images Taken With iPhone 5s or with my Nikon D3200 & Are Mine.

The little #dude was #happy as larry this morning lol. Even through all his issues he still puts a #smile on my face every time I see him

Haven't posted any picture for a long time now, and noticed the last picture I posted was with my little boy when he still had #oxygen but now he's oxygen free and has been for 2 1/2 months! And thriving!
Everyday this little dude impresses me with how strong he is, to think that it wasn't to long ago that we had oxygen and a tonne of medication and was always worried about how things would be.
Today he's 9 month old now completely without oxygen and doing absolutely amazing, how he has grown and changed over the short time is unbelievable.
This was on the way back from a hospital checkup when he decided that he didn't want anyone to see him lol, so he pulled his hat down over his eyes.

A picture of my little man about a month after his operation, he's still having some issues but for the most part he's doing good 👶🏻 Now we are focussing on having his legs fixed as he was born with clubfoot but this is very easily fixed with casts and then 4 years with specialized shoes.
But even through all of his issues, he is still the love of my life and receiving picture from my wife like these whilst I'm at work just brightens up my day.

Haven't put up any pictures in a long time and absolutely love this picture so wanted to share and introduce my little boy to you all.
Me and my little man Sebastian, he was born in April of this year with a lung disease known as BPD and everyday he fights like nothing on this earth.
This little boy is not just the love of my life but he is my hero, to see how far he has come in the last 4 months is astonishing.
This photo was taken on Tuesday just moments before we took him up to the operating theater for a hernia operation, worst moment of my life was handing over control to complete and utter strangers even if they are professionals. 👶🏻❤️ #family #son #love #boy #father #fighter #iphone #5s

Took this a few weeks back with my #Nikon D3200 and really love it. The colour of bench and the raindrops really grabbed me.

Bought myself a present a couple of weeks ago!! A new DSLR camera so was out at the weekend playing with the dog and taking pictures 😜

I must say I love the quality when I take pictures with my iPhone 5S but nothing compares to the quality or a DSLR 😃

Picture 16 of my #stockholm tour.
While we were on our way to #drottninggatan i seen all these padlocks that were chained to the bridge we stood on so I had a wee look and it seems that people who have visited it (mainly couples) have had there names written onto them and then they have locked them on to the bridge.
It was really cool and romantic I think, was just a shame that myself and my beautiful wife didn't do one 😃

Picture 17 of my #Stockholm tour.
Was on the way back after a lovely meal with my wife when I looked out and seen this, I then hated myself for not having a DSLR camera to capture it. So I did it with my iPhone like normal 👍😝

Picture 15 of the #stockholm tour.
This was taken of the #klarabergsviadukren tbh I just seen it and loved the look so had to capture it. Hope you like with my little snapseed edit.

Picture 14 of my #stockholm tour.
Seen this while walking around with my wife and just liked the way it looked so had to capture it.

Picture 13 of my #stockholm tour.
A absolutely stunning view over Stockholm. Seen this while walking over #strömbron and just had to capture it.

Picture 12 of my #stockholm tour.
This was taken of a little place called #strömparterrenpark that you could go down and take a coffee while taking in the absolutely amazing view of Stockholm.
Once more I used snapseed to give it a more HDR feel.

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