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CODY BARKER  I'm not a charity I just give a damn. Dad to a Legend named LEGEND 👶🏽 #raisingalegend 🌆Las Vegas NEW VLOG!!! 👇🏽🏳️‍🌈supporter 🏳️‍🌈

I love being uncle Cody, especially when I don't have my little man Legend. We all had so much fun this weekend. Legend loves his new girlfriends @taytumandoakley go follow their awesome family. 📷 @kylerstevenfisher #raisingalegend

Vegas ain't too bad! #raisingalegend

Ethiopia changed my life. Check out the story today on ABC at 2:30 pacific time! @letitflow

I'm holding up the #1 because I honestly deep down think I'm the #1 dad in the world. I would put myself up against anyone anywhere at anytime. Let me explain. My entire life all I wanted to be was a husband and father. Now having attained both and kept only one I realize the true significance of being a father and that it's more than a sperm donation. About a year ago I was talking with some friends outside and this other dad told us that he has 4 kids and was bragging about how he had never changed a diaper. What a PUSS. To me that is not a father and to me that is not a man. You mean to tell me that you let your pregnant wife change diapers as well as post labor wife change all the newborn diapers, again what a PUSS. When I have legend I literally get to change all diapers. Yes "get to" this is my blood and my son and he depends on me, I am his father and protector and am not afraid to change his diaper. I have literally put my mouth over legends nose when he is stuffed up and I suck all the boogers out of his nose and spit them out. Again he is my blood and my son. I would do anything for him but a father who cannot change a diaper doesn't have the ability to be a great dad, plain and simple. Legend has a gnarly routine: 630am Breakfast, usually a bottle and eggs, 830 he takes a 1 hour nap, throughout the day we play, we don't sit around on an iPad or watch tv, kids are meant to be outside. 1230-130pm he takes a nap. Dinner isn't some crackers and a bottle, it's what I eat and it's as healthy as we can. Night time routine: Bath, actually washing him not just getting him wet, brush teeth, comb hair, Jammie's on, lotion applied, ears cleaned, nails clipped, oils applied, and then we cuddle and read a book and before I lay him down I look him in the eyes and tell him everything I love about him and how much he means to me. I'm tagging 5 other dads and I want you to plead your case on why you're the best dad because every dad should think they are the best dad in the world. Tag 5 other dads!! @dallaskc @landonburr22 @tonyhawk @iamjimjonsin @kylerstevenfisher #raisingalegend #raddad #bestdadintheworld

Was talking to my dad last night and he will be 60 this year. I feel old in this picture, I have crows feet and feel like the last 6 months has aged me 20 years. I've never been so humbled in my life with the daunting future ahead. It seems bleak and scary but when I am with Legend it's okay. It's full of hope and light. His future is my future, just as I was my dads. Time waits for no man and continues to change all of us day by day. I'm a completely different person from what I was 6 months ago and I can't say it's all good but it was necessary. Taking it day by day is hard but doable because I'm doing it. Thanks for all the support from my friends and family. #raisingalegend #raddad

My purpose #raisingalegend

Honestly I don't even know what to say right now. This boy has changed my life from the moment I found out he was to be born. Saying he is a blessing doesn't do him justice, naming him legend doesn't either. He is my light in the midst darkness shining for me to see clearly. He is my future and my full heart is his. Legend you will never go without, mentally or financially. As long as I have air in my lungs I will take care of you! #bff #blood #raisingalegend

Sale at Walmart 🔴 #raisingalegend

Best friends forever! #raisingalegend New Vlog tonight.

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