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When your dreams or "end results" are stated generally, in broad brush strokes, like wealth and abundance, friends and laughter, health and harmony, then please, by all means, attach yourself to them. There is no limit to what you can have and no reason to expect anything less.
But when your end results are far too finite and specific, almost a checklist of requirements do not attach.
Material details and specifics are always "how& #34; to get to a grander picture of your life and are never important in and of themselves. They're "cursed hows" disguised as end results. Steps disguised as destinations. By all means, think of them, put them in the forefront of our mind or on your visionboard to remind yourself of the kind of possessions and adventures that are your birthright. But do not give them any importance, through attachment, greater than what you are truly after: a fuller, richer life with all cups running over, the details of which will take care of themselves when this is your end result... stay focused friends.

It's been storming all day 💕 what a great slow Monday. I wanted to remind you guys that if you're not following @thefoxhomestead go give it a follow! Food recipes, coffee shops and the Fox's furniture DIY's are all on that account. #happysunday

When you're trying to take a photo for our #tnkymixofmetals contest and the wind won't quit you end up with half a face 😂
MAC Pro longwear pencil in Fashion Boost
MAC metallic lipstick in Foiled Rose
MAC pigment in Kitchmas

Primitive societies live by the Rule of Might, and the strong prevail.
Advanced societies live by the Rule of Law, and the privileged prevail.
Enlightened societies live by the Rule of Love, and everyone is lifted higher.... 📷 by @ericaligenza

Happy Friday!! It's a #tnkymixofmetals battle weekend! I'm wearing
MAC Prolongwear lip pencil in High energy
MAC Metallic lipstick in shade Pearly one
MAC Lipglass in shade Gal Friday. Basically the best Jessica Rabbit red for a sultry metal lip! ❤️❤️

Always, that which you most need is already at hand. It's just your present belief in its absence that keeps it from view...

So in love with the @law_of_positivism posts, they are truly inspiring and thought provoking.
Breath in the words, acknowledge what can be learned from them and utilize the positive flow as impact within you... thank you for these @law_of_positivism 🙌

In the beginning, the price of giving great love, is risking that it won't be returned.
Until you understand, of course, that great love is always returned.... if you're not already following our lifestyle blog @thefoxhomestead do me a favor and go follow! It's all things life, love, food, travel and decor. And did I mention food?! ❤️

The #FullMoon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo tonight.
Virgo is typically the sign associated with thinking. Deep thinking. Over thinking. Virgo thinking is often self-critical, however when channelled in the right way, Virgo thinking can be extremely enlightening.
Virgo is symbolised by the virgin. This does not mean that Virgo energy is weak, vulnerable and innocent, in fact it is the very opposite.
Virgo energy is warrior energy. It represents strength and inner power. She has the power and strength to rise up alone.
Virgo comes into her strength by tapping into that inner warrior that lives inside of the heart.
We all have Virgo energy inside of us, we all have Virgo somewhere in our natal astrology chart, so chances are we are all going to feel the feminine power and strength arising from this Full Moon.
It is time to enter into warrior mode. Gone are the days of feeling sorry for yourself or being the victim. Gone are the days of getting irritated by every challenge or setback that life has brought you so far. Gone are the days of resisting what the Universe is trying to show you.
It is time to step up. It is time to rise up and claim your power, to claim your self-worth and to find your true inner strength.
As tempting as it can be, this is not about rising up into warrior mode to head off to war.
Instead, this is about rising up by yourself and for yourself. This is about finding that inner strength so you can heal, repair, nourish and reflect in whatever way you need to.
We are often bombarded with the fact that we need other people to complete us or that we need other people to be all these things for us, but the reality is that we complete ourselves.
This Virgo Full Moon is going to be reminding us of all of that, and it is going to be reminding us that our true strength and power comes from within.
This is a time to find your strength and to know that your body, mind and soul is extremely powerful and capable of amazing things.
Virgo energy is also a perfect time to activate your own self healing. Words by @foreverconscious ❤️

Work it out event today at MAC @jaredtheashby #myartistcommunitytnky

Happy international women's day! There is a small piece of me that thinks the international days of holiday that we continue to make up as a culture for damn near anything have become quite silly. However, give me any opportunity to shout to the heavens about the strong and powerful women with in my life, I am 100% on board!
I have been so fortunate to grow up with parents who are deeply devoted to encouraging and fostering strong, authentic and driven women. A family with strong matriarchal roots that have influenced not only myself but my sisters.
But this one's for you ladies! Yes, you working 40+ hours a week slowly building your empire. This one's for you, mom who is exhausting all of your energy chasing around toddlers and balancing schedules. And for all of you who are brave enough to live your life authentically no matter what adversity, this one's for you. I had to share a few photos of some of the most inspiring i've met along the way, friends, sisters and members of my tribe. Thank you for forever inspiring me. Let me know what ladies inspire you all in the comments

Because sometimes it takes a stranger... I have been in a season of overwhelming pressure, stress and frustration within my work. Yet I know that this is just seasonally specific.
But today I had the most amazing encounter. During my break, I had decided to exchange a few items I purchased for the fox on our second floor of the store. During my exchange and small talk with the woman doing my transaction I noticed a beautiful couple standing to the right of me. The woman and I exchanged a joke and her husband was busy looking at pants. I thought nothing of it... Later on, I saw the young couple approach my counter. As the woman spoke to one of my make up artists, her husband made a beeline for the register to speak to me. "Can I tell you something that might sound a little strange..." were his first words. He continued on with the following, "I wanted to let you know that I noticed something upstairs while you were checking out. You had such a gracefulness about you and I felt called to remind you of Jesus' love for you. I felt like he was laying on my heart to let you know that the season that you're in right now will not be for long and that you will receive such a peace. An extended peace. I needed to tell you that there are those in your life who will attempt to steal your joy and take away your influence but know that it is only circumstantial. I know this may sound strange but I just felt like I was being told to deliver that message to you..." Those words hit so true within my spirit that I asked the gentleman if I could hug him. He graciously obliged and gave me the biggest bear hug. Sometimes, it takes the boldness of strangers to act upon what the Lord is calling them to do, to deliver a reminder that he is faithful. He is sovereign and no matter where you are, he is walking beside you. I wanted to share this encounter because I believe that encouragement is contagious. So this ones for you. No matter how busy, how frustrated and how overwhelmed you may be feeling right now in this moment know that you're not alone and that he is walking right alongside you. And that he will reach you through any means possible to remind you of his presence

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