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Liz Cardwell + Sr. Alchemist  + Crystals, Candles, and Skincare + Meticulously Sourced Ingredients + Knowledge Focused + One Tree Planted Partner

Hello friends,
The Alluring Alchemist was founded with the intent to educate and empower consumers to recognize the effectiveness of simple ingredients and to provide an intimate knowledge of how they look, smell, feel, and work. I am so proud of how well received this has been and the incredible support. It’s confirmation to me that this is something people want help with and there is a gap in the market for this type of service.
Unfortunately, handling all the research, labor, and marketing on my own, along with running The Granola Goat has been stressful – which is why I suspended subscriptions in March. With the passing of my mother last week, it really makes me want to inventory my obligations and reorganize my priorities. I bet you can see where this is going….
I will no longer be maintaining inventory with The Alluring Alchemist (although the current inventory will not be pulled), but I hope to circle back around to the knowledge and DIY aspect of what was begun here either in the future with The Alluring Alchemist, or possibly as a part of The Granola Goat.
So I have questions – do you prefer a sub box or a single purchase? Did you feel you had enough/too much information? Would you like to customize your own mask or purchase a preselected group of ingredients?
Let me know and THANK YOU for all the support we’ve received since DAY 1.

+ Check out our stories for some exciting news! +

Balance, balance, balance. +
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Full M〇〇N in Libra♎︎ on March 31, 2018 at 8:37am EDT.
“The Full Moon is a time symbolic of culmination and harvest in the lunar cycle when the Moon reflects the maximum light from the Sun onto our beautiful blue Earth. When the Moon becomes full, it is at the opposite position in the zodiac from theSun, and the Full Moon of March 31, 2018 takes place at 10º plus Libra, opposing the Sun at 10º plus Aries. The Aries-Libra axis is significant of the self as reflected and related to by other, especially in terms of interpersonal relationships. Both signs are cardinal, meaning that their energetic quality is that of a hinge or dramatic turning point, and we may experience this as an undertone of this lunation. Where things were stuck, confused or tangled in our awareness, there is opportunity now for them to release and turn on into the next phase.

Mercury is currently retrograde in Aries, and at the time of the Full Moon is also close to the Sun, and therefore in an especially weakened state. While this time is not as conducive of the forward motion of life when it’s “business as usual,” it is supportive of deeper self reflection, and I also highly recommend taking it as a time to pause, rest, and nourish your heart and soul with things that bring you joy and ease. It is not a good time to push forward with agendas or expectations – it is less likely that the desired outcome of such ways of being will be obtained or achieved right now. Patience is key, as is mindfulness and bringing the fullness of our awareness and presence to employing skillful navigation, especially where communications and interpersonal interactions are concerned.
If we imagine the planets as characters on a stage, you could say that there are a lot of opposing and contentious viewpoints in this particular configuration.
We may also feel and hear that environment reflected in our own internal landscape. We may wish for nothing more than harmony, balance, and diplomacy (Moon in Libra), while another part of us is certain we need to prioritize our own needs above all else (Sun in Aries).”-cont’d on

+ San Antonio - stop by tonight at @labotanicasa Vegan Happy Hour! + All the candles are ready to be sniffed. + And all are made with soy wax and essential oils only. + Plus, you can grab a smoky quartz meditation box featuring a Rooted candle, eye pillow, and a beautiful smoky quartz blessed with Reiki energy. + See you tonight from 5 to 8! +

Friday! + San Antonio! + Come sniff some candles and enjoy amazing food, drinks, and music. +

It’s time to set your new moon intentions! + What gift is inside you, just waiting to come out? +
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⭐️ TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Compassion, wisdom, and divine insight unite as the Pisces moon harmonizes with openhearted Jupiter in Scorpio. Dive into Neptune’s depths and search your soul for the answers before you ask everyone what they think. Your highest truth already lies within and is waiting for you to connect with it! So ask, listen, then act. #astrostyle #astrotwins #astrology #horoscope #horoscopes #zodiac #astrologersofinstagram

Testing the latest candle batches. + Unfortunately they aren’t quite as potent as they should be. + Sorry to keep you waiting, but they’re going back in the cabinet for another week. + Currently “Rooted” is the only scent in stock - it’s an incredibly rich blend of palo santo and frankincense to compliment your grounding ritual! +

Ready for another event, Austin? + This time our friend and Reiki Master, Jette Roberts of @grounded_and_blooming will be leading you on a journey of sacral energy healing. + Along with an amazing group session with Jette and a lovely dessert prepared by her, you’ll also take home a goodie bag with treats from The Alluring Alchemist that are exclusive to the event, plus and a Reiki blessed carnelian heart. + Tickets are available through our linktree - please join us at @averylifestyle_ for this magical event ! +
#austin #atx #averylifestyle #7east #atxvegan

+ Virgo is here to heal. + Are you ready? +
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〇 FULL MOON 〇 in Virgo (3/1) on the Pisces axis calls us to ground our roots deep into Mother Earth to anchor ourselves through the emotional seas that have been surging. The more we open up, the more we feel, and the more attuned we become to the suffering of others and our dear planet Earth. The injustices and the tragedies are numerous and we are all aching for change. Virgo is the healer within, reminding us to embody our Spirit so we can bring forth real change in our lives for the benefit of all. Her medicine is love in service, and her practical magic helps us streamline our directive so we can focus on how best to be in service of our collective healing. 〇 Leah Whitehorse shares, “There are six bodies swimming with the Fishes. With Mercury, the ruler of this lunation amongst them, it could feel like everything we touch just flows through our fingers. It’s hard to contain and difficult to organize..What’s more, the atmosphere is super-sensitive.. Focusing on the practicalities, something Virgo is good at anyway, will help to channel the rising tide of emotions into something constructive.” 〇 Pat Liles says, “If your mind and head talk are holding you at arms length from self acceptance of all that you are, take up Jupiter’s offer to free you from the psychological skeletons.. turn over guilt, burdens and sufferings to higher power.. Your task is not guilt or suffering, but gratitude.” 〇 Cathy Pagano says, “we have the ability to dig deep into the soul, facing the wounds of this lifetime and many previous ones.” 〇 Pam Younghans shares, “Much is coming forward now that has been held hostage by our desire not to face reality. The revelation of truth may not be comfortable, but it is the first step toward finding solutions to our problems. What will we see when the veil is snatched away, and how will it affect our journey from here?” Full download ➸ ART by #MYSTICMAMMA “EMBODY” Limited Edition Prints in shop 〇

Remember about a month ago when we told you candles were coming? + And remember how @plantedinnature suggested a ‘pour your own’ kit? + Well it’s happening! + A lot has changed over the past few weeks - new products, new events, new horizon. + Follow our linktree in bio to see what’s going down.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year! 😲 Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. 😂 Even though we didn’t launch until September, The Alluring Alchemist was in the works and getting ready to bloom this time last year. 😍 To see the trajectory we’re on now, maybe it seems like it’s been even longer than that. 🤔 New things are happening, more events are being planned, and March is my month to try and get everything and everyone up to speed. 🙂 Thank you for being a part of this project and keep in your input coming - it’s shaped a lot of the changes happening and I value your opinions! 😘

+ Oh, the beauty of the smoky quartz. + Our first Crystal Box offerings are live! + Smoky quartz is grounding and this beautiful cluster has been cleansed, charged under the super moon two weeks ago, and blessed with reiki energy by an amazing healer. + The box includes other goodies and a recommended ritual to get yourself down to earth and present. + Who’s ready for more? +

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