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Amy Elizabeth Jackson  I’m on tv, movies, mags, do comedy&have a heart of GOLD but I have a fat ass so lets just sum up my existence as “iG model” 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ 👶🏼s my neph😍 #taabg

Maybe she’s born with it.... maybe it’s a ring light and a sh*t load of makeup 😂🤙🏼🤗

Yeah baby you see that big ol sack of laundry, mhmm right behind me, wash that for me daddy, that’s how I like it, yeeeeeah so sexy when you clean *how to get your man to haul a lil ass and get his mollymaid on* 😂😂😂

One big room... fulla bad bitches @kristenlive @mendesmarina @zahraelise_ tbh idk the other skawty but @se7entalent @chrisheadshots @psdunderwear found this lil gem 😛🐐💕 I ain’t nevaaaa got these shoot pics back but whatevaaaa lol @psdunderwear jus slide in my dms and send me more draws they’re madd comfy lol

@thehardcoregirlnextdoor my first official backup page FANSSSS and true LOVAHs only tho because I’m finna swaaaamp that mf with tons of content like exclusive behind the scenes with people you might not even know I’ve been friends with forever... fam stuff... behind the scenes outtakes and ish lol... all that thotty deliciousness we know and love... lol. But really just the stuff I wanna post here but don’t wanna flood everybody TL. Turn on post notifications too lol follow @thehardcoregirlnextdoor @thehardcoregirlnextdoor @thehardcoregirlnextdoor and ps I think the name is as fitting and goes as hard as my OG handle here too 🐐🤘❤️ first day of followers and comments getting a personal reply (even tho you know I always try to respond here too) ❤️😁😛

Gotta lotta time, I just need somewhere to spend it 😛 ...this song def getting overplayed by me 24/7 😂😍🤷🏼‍♀️

yeah I’m from the cut, im cutthroat YUH

“The password is asstastic”

Do you find it annoying when you have to turn your phone to see the pic? Because if you do... you might wanna think about how it’s weird that you have to turn the phone to get what you’re looking at lmaooooo jk I’m just hitting you with a subtle neg so you won’t turn it and notice my 2nd trimester food baby 😂😂😂😂😂😂 hi guys gm did you miss me a lil? Working hard and cooking up some stuff I think you’ll love so hang low off my nonexistent ballsack for being MIA and just lmk you love me like I love you 🤩😍😘

Loooove playing with extensions since my hair doesn’t like to grow lol.... can’t wait to tackle and start playing with wigs toooooo

If you watch Laff Tracks on @trutv .... you probably saw me on way more episodes than you even know 😂😂😂 I was the only idiot that came in with a million diff wigs trying to put in disguises and see who could recognize that it was me.... lmfaooooo that’s that smart branding brain I love to ignore for the fun of it hahahahaha love you sooo much tho @thelaffmobb @trutv @bob.sumner @lafftrackscomedyshownyc

Why is this everything I never knew I needed in the world 😂😂😂 I’m with ya kid, livin the dreeeam😂🤘✅

Actual inquiry I articulated out loud to another human being: “so do you think the lion should be facing away from my vagina like do you think it’s gonna be a subconscious cock block with all that aggression aimed right at someone” lmaoooo😂😂😂 you only realize how weird you are when you think back on random thing you say without any filter action hahahahahahaha but anyway in response to that question.... fuck it it’ll fend off bitch made dudes lol thick skin bosses only 😂😂😂🙌🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ thank you so much @parley 13 hours non stop, you killed it.

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