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Alison Faulkner  We have epic, incredible power—we just sometimes forget. ⭐️💃 Also UR very HAWT. 🎤Podcast: Awesome w/ Alison 👑 @alisonsbrandschool 👇FREE #THOUGHTWERK

Some deep deep thoughts and Hoobastank lyrics from an IG live a week or so back. But also this is really good HAHA and we have some awesome ideas for ways to help YOUR MIND when you just want to scream to Lincoln Park or any other alt rock.

When I got hit by a car running a little over a year ago, I was able to run 10 miles. 🙌 I was in GLORIOUS shape. 😂The best shape I'd been in since having kids. And now? After broken ribs, trauma and months of PT? Now I can ALMOST run one mile, at a really slow pace. Emotionally, mentally, and physically it has been so hard to build back up after feeling like my health was stolen.

That's why I originally said, "No." To partnering with @nordictrack , also because I say no to almost everything! 😂❤️ But REALLY because I didn't want to feel like I needed to be a "fitness model" when I'm the LEAST fit I've been in the past few years. But after thinking about it, I realized RIGHT NOW IS THE PERFECT time to talk about how much exercise means to me, ⭐️because RIGHT NOW is always the perfect time to start loving and taking care of your body!⭐️ Not when it's in perfect shape, or at it's peak ability. And I wanted to be an example of that. Regardless of cellulite!

And I'm so glad I did because I cannot tell you how much I love this machine! Allowing myself to change how I work out has been a huge part of getting started. And the iFit Coaches and programs are SOOO FUN! I get to run/walk all over the world--with their guided runs on the screen--and have my mind blown by this beautiful earth. Then the iFit screen shows me my progress, and keeps all my workout info! It's honestly SO COOL and the best way to start or end my day. 🙌❤️ Even if I have to take it slow. The machine adjusts the incline and speed automatically, and the variety is helping my body so much! I am a woman obsessed. ❤️ I was 100% gifted this machine for my very honest opinion, but obviously you know I share NOTHING I'm not actually doing and loving in my life. AND I LOVE @nordictrack ! And stay tuned because I made 100% sure I get to gift one to one of YOU! I'm so grateful for my body and all it gets to experience! ⭐️
I know how hard it is to START WHERE YOU ARE. But it's the only place to start! Thank you @nordictrack for helping.🙌❤️

Good morning!!! Did you know DQ opens at 10:30am? No? Me neither...

I’m still standing suckers. 🙌

This is from last week and is the result of lingering issues from being hit by a car while running.
They stuck big annoying needles in my neck. It hurt. It was uncomfortable. I’m still uncomfortable.
But I’m still standing.
A lot of days I want to stay in bed and quit. Quit what? LIFE MAN, LIIIIIFE. Work, striving, growth, the endless search for glory 😂💁‍♀️. I want to quit sharing on this stupid soul-sucking platform (currently working on that attitude 😂 it’s the platform, not YOU!). I want to quit being such an open book of personal information.
And yet. I don’t. I DO NOT QUIT. And even more. I’m still standing.
By the grace of God QUITE LITERALLY, I’m still standing.
So I guess the only thing left to do is take one step at a time.
And the steps turn into a full blown walk, and when I walk long enough I kind of start to trot. And then I’m back to running. Slow and labored, but grateful.
This applies both metaphorically and physically. Rest, stand, walk, run.
In any case. The only thing that matters is this: I’m still standing. And I’m not quitting. Even though it sometimes sounds real real nice.
I just care too much. I love to share too much. I have found my purpose. So I’ll keep doing it, on purpose. And I wish the same for you.
I don’t feel all that great or accomplished or dignified. But DAMN IT I’M STILL STANDING. ❤️

Do you know how often people try to justify and excuse my LARGENESS, my MUCHNESS, my EXCITEMENT? My enthusiasm? My love for life? 🤨

People, (nice, kind, well-meaning *cough* mostly women) OFTEN say things like, “You might not think to take her seriously but really you should!” WHEN INTRODUCING ME. IN FRONT OF ME. In emails, PUBLICLY & to my face. As if it’s a helpful introduction. As if they need to vouch for & excuse me. Frankly I wasn’t aware I needed so many disclaimers—until people started thrusting them upon my thrusts. 💃

I receive SO MUCH love, kindness, support and downright praise, that I GREATLY hesitate to bring light to the SLIVERS of crap. ❤️Especially because I believe it’s done naively and not maliciously.❤️ I THANK the majority of you who share so much freaking love. But it felt appropriate on #internationalwomensday to SHARE ⭐️ I need no excuses or disclaimers for who I am. ⭐️
Simply refuse to accept the disclaimers when you (to yourself) or anyone else offers them. It’s not about us. It’s about them. And it’s because we were MISINFORMED that being some watered-down version of what we feel inside is acceptable or better. It’s not. ⭐️ I DO apologize for mistakes, or when I have acted from fear and not love. “I’m not a perfect person.” 😉❤️ BUT other than that, I’d like to invite us all to stop apologizing for being big, huge, small, extra, over or under-the-top. You’re not too much or too little. You’re exactly perfectly you. And you’re already as awesome as you need to be. ❤️ Happy #internationalwomensday I hope it’s a day we celebrate the abundance of space and love we have to share and occupy. 🙌❤️⭐️

Hello. It’s me! Alison. I just wanted to pop on here to say to you, exactly what I just said to myself. Because if it’s true for me, IT IS 100% TRUE FOR YOU. Ready? Ok! This is for us. 🙌

You are the only person who needs to believe you can do the work you’re doing.
There is not a single person (no matter how much you admire, respect or love them) who needs to believe in you—to make what YOU believe you are capable of true.
It’s true because you know in your heart it is.
The work you’re doing matters. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see it or feel it a lot of the time. You felt called to do this. So freaking keep doing it. It’s ok that it’s hard. It’s ok to be sad and anxious and hurt. Just keep trying your best.
And your boobs looks great. ❤️❤️
Love, Alison

I'm sharing 3 easy, quick tools for letting go of day-to-day negativity, shame, and being too hard on yourself. There's a bonus one if you're NASTY, too!

Mindful chocolate & cheese eating! 😂 Day 1 of 31 of #thoughtwerk challenges to fuel you with awesome thoughts!

Today is the start of my 31-Day FREE Thought WERK Challenge!!!! And I’m SOOOOOOO excited! This photo is me lounging while recording a podcast episode the other day! Talking all about Thought WERK and what it has done for me and my life! 😂🙌 I freaking love being able to share my low lows, my struggles and crap, so that I can also share the tools I’ve used to crawl out of those holes. I also love sharing my HIGHS! Like today! Thousands of you are signed up to take small, daily actions towards becoming aware of your thoughts so you can feel more awesome! And I’m giddy. Absolutely giddy!!! It’s not too late to sign up! 🙌⭐️🙌 All March long I will send you one, easy #thoughtwerk text prompt daily, all you have to do is execute! 👑👑 The texts are simple, accessible, and based in scientific research and psychology--all intended to increase your mindfulness and positive thoughts--so you can unlock all the benefits of changing your thoughts to FEEL MORE AWESOME! (And consequently do more awesome!) We’ve created the T.R.E.A.M team (thoughts rule everything around me!) 😂💁‍♀️ And I want you on it! 🏳️‍🌈U.S. you can use the link in my bio or text thoughtwerk to 31996. 🇨🇦Canada text thoughtwerk to 902-200-2270 and anyone else who’s # isn’t working can sign up through an email opt in through my stories!!! Or shoot us an email to! THANK YOU FOR MAKING LIFE FUN!! And I’m literally on my way to get my nails done. So don’t fret. THE SHAME OK?! 😬

We all love my 3-year-old Fiona 😂 So let’s use her as an example. If Fiona chose to believe she would never be able to talk, and converse on an adult level purely based on the fact that she cannot and has not done it yet, she would never learn to complete a sentence beyond, “I WANT ITTTT!!!” And while we all know that Fiona could and would thrive, by only uttering the phrase, “I WANT IT!” We would be denied hearing her innermost thoughts. Her ideas, her passion. It would be a loss.
We are all Fiona! 😬🙌 Just because you have not done the thing you want to do, or achieved the goal, made the money, wrote the book, met the man, or _____________ (fill in your blank) DOES NOT MEAN you cannot and will not do it.
It just means you haven’t done it YET.
And believing that you cannot or will not do the thing you really want, REALLY means that you will be denying the world YOUR IDEAS & your passion. You are denying the world of YOU.
And trust me. You are worth having. ❤️❤️
Tomorrow I will be UNLEASHING the sign-ups for my FREE FUN EASY 31-day THOUGHT WERK CHALLENGE. It’s a free thought WERK text every day in March! All aimed to help shift your thoughts out of doubt and into your power.
You get to choose what you think. You get to believe or doubt. It’s a choice. I can’t wait to get to WERK with you! Who’s in?

Never have both sides of my internal dialogue been so perfectly captured. 😂😂 I just thought this should live on forever right here.
DON’T FLIP YOUR LID we don’t feed the toddler soda. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to stop her from polishing off empties on the reg.

I’ve spent a lot of my very awesome life, feeling not very awesome. ✨

I think that I thought that if I DID really awesome things...then I would FEEL more awesome. ✨

So I DID a lot. Trying to figure it out. ✨

But I actually just got more stressed out. And anxious, and depressed, and suicidal at times. ❤️ Do not get me wrong. I have ZERO regrets and have had an incredible time on earth. This is not, ironically 😂 a “show.” I just also know what it’s like to feel so low you want to end it. ✨

I did not get the TRUE difference between DOING AWESOME and FEELING awesome until a few years ago. And that feeling AWESOME is a result of thoughts not actions. ✨

But I get it now. I GET it on levels so deep— but also know it will only grow deeper. ❤️ And the deep FEELINGS of LOVE and AWESOME and enjoying them and helping others see that they are already as awesome as they need to be, is now the work of my life. ❤️ It’s why I care so much about everything I do. If I can help you shift a thought to ease suffering?! NOTHING excites me more. This is why I’m so ⭐️HONORED ⭐️GRATEFUL ⭐️HUMBLED and downright ⭐️STOKED you are here. ❤️ You are not an idiot. I am not an idiot. You will only know what you love to do by trying lots of things. But your thoughts about those things—at the end of the day. That’s where the awesome lives.

Each podcast episode of Awesome with Alison dives into THOUGHT WERK 💃 but this episode I did with my sister @andreafaulknerwilliams of
@tubbytodd is specifically about “HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS SO YOU CAN WIN AT LIFE!” 😂🙌 I know you’ll love it because @andreafaulknerwilliams and I think we are hysterical together. 😂🙌👯‍♀️And we are. If you can tell our voices apart?! Thank you so much for allowing me so share this, and over 10 years of ideas with you. I love it so much. ❤️I’m so grateful. I’m so happy you’re here. I hope to serve you and learn from you for many more years to come. Love love love to you. 😘

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