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Alina Lewis  Czech born & raised. Based in OC, SoCal🇺🇸 I play dress up, love keto & food science, speak 3 languages and create.💍@iamdavidsebastian

City of dreams. Baggy pants, heads in the clouds.. Casual LA thingsss😁Happy Friday!

Simple headshots are🔥. Also a proof that my moisturizers and skin oils are working.😅

Breitling vibes✈️ Life is a journey...bla bla...less inspirational quotes more action today! Ok I definitely just had too much caffeine..☕️😂 have a good Monday! Kick a$$, love, A!

Me when people tell me to relax and calm down.😂 This image describes every Aries I swear😅 Shot by the master himself @iamdavidsebastian @bay9media

I followed my heart and found what I’ve always wanted. #tbt

My chameleon soul. Drama Lama look today.🦙☺️I was born in mid ‘90s so I couldn’t enjoy the fashion but I guess it’s in my blood and I’ll always go back to 90s for inspiration and ofc to my inner 2000s extra queen vibes with bejeweled flip phone and some too cool to care attitude.😂

This is pretty much how Christmas time in California feels like😅

You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you. You’re so vain I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you..🎶🎵 (who else loves this song 🥰)❤️

Trying to look trendy for once but it’s so windy in Cali today it’s impossible to snap a pic where I don’t look like Medusa.😭Nice try tho..😅🙈Have a good day! A.

A few months ago we founded another company. As you might know a new start up is like a baby. It needs time, $hit ton of money😤, knowledge about laws and taxes, energy, always being one step ahead, creativity, oh them mood swings☺️etc... holy moly it’s a wonderful ride but it takes a lot of time..well all my time. So yeah, I’m not dead☺️ just focusing on my priorities. Hope you all are doing great.🎢❤️

Sometimes simplicity is the key. Don’t overthink it (every day struggle for me🙈😅).🗝New portraits. How is your day going? #portrait #glow

Hermione was a bada$$. I low key wish Hogwarts School of Witchcraft would be a real thing.☺️⚡️Happy Halloween you all!🎃 #halloween #hermionegranger

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