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Alina Lewis  Czech born&raised. Based in SoCal USA🇺🇸 Keto advocate. Food science. Trilingual giraffe. 💍@iamdavidsebastian ✉️

Late summer feels.🌤🍁 warm weather, calm nature, still wearing summer dress while feeling an autumn to be closer and closer..☀️🍁 @ukglamorous

🎶 “She said where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk? I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts. Some superhero, some fairytale bliss. Just something I can turn to, somebody I can miss..”🎶

Love images that touch or breathe art. I love to feel when I see an image. It’s about every little detail.❤️@iamdavidsebastian Every image of yours could tell a story. Love the way you see the world. You don’t make just pictures, you create. Create stories in pictures. Love how you explain to me what you see, the way you create light, structure images, create color palettes, the way you see the world. I learn from you so much. You’re a bada$$ and an amazing artist I’ll always respect and learn from.🙏🏻❤️❤️

Showing my sis America and why I love this country.❤️ This was snapped at the end of a hot summer day, my eye makeup melted around my eyes, thank God for these sunglasses at least it looks glamorous even tho in reality I looked like a panda bear.😅🐼

Out and about. @irvinespectrumcenter thank you @100eats & @falasophy for the invitation. We had an amazing time.🤗

Happy September! My sister is here and we have so much fun! I’m taking her all over California so she has the full experience, so exciting!🤗🚀 Hope your September starts well, xo A.❤️

They tried to change me. Categorize me. Break me. Telling me to “just look pretty like a doll” and “don’t be smart men don’t like it”. I’ve met some toxic pretentious people in my life. How did I ever allow someone to tell me who I am? They were dimming my light. They were afraid of my strengths. Nobody can define you! Ever! Kick their a$$ with your abilities and strengths! When David snapped this pic I didn’t want to publish it. But it’s also who I am, so here it is. ❤️ Believe in yourself, kick a$$. Love ya, A. #sheislimitless #foodscience @womenatforbes

Hey you guys what are you all up to?🤗 currently I’m educating myself about laws and regulations for US businesses lol fun stuff 😅 anyway, here’s a more “Instagram-able” pic (...than me sitting right now behind a computer in oversized 5yrs old sweatpants 😅) from at least one morning that I spared for doing.. well.. nothing☺️. It was so much fun. Hope you’re well, luv u, A. ❤️

I wish I would feel at least as fresh as I look in this pic, it’s so hot outside my entire existence is melting.😅☀️

That’s my “adorable and evil” face expression☺️ Hope you all have a good day, A.😘

Saturday swim.💦 Feeling like a chlorine queen.😅🏊🏻‍♀️ swipe left. #summer #pool

Heat wave in Cali☀️The heat is killing me. I went for a run and came back looking like Deadpool, and now I’m dragging my overheated body to product shoot.😅love summer tho. #summer

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