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Alextricity  I'm a pole-dancing, song-singing, knife-throwing, child-rearing, guitar-strumming, animal-loving, nerdgasmic psychopath

Throw back to that time someone gave me a gun #lonerangers #girlswithguns

I'm so cute

Just a silhouette on the edge of an island. You know your life is pretty sweet when you can be in this moment and still missing home. #bali

Presentation Night Selfie. The rest of the table spent 10 minutes trying to recreate this. They seem to have forgotten that I'm the Selfie Queen #bali #luauparty #netball #baliflames

Catch flights not feelings #bali #girlstrip

I had a very graceful pole class this morning

Annnnnd we have two more. Please welcome Bellatrix and Narcissa

I told myself I had to do one last crazy thing before I left my 20s. I chose this.

On the silks today. I love our life #aerials #kidsofinstagram

Nailed my handspring today. Yessssss!!! #handspring #polefitness

A pole kiss to end all pole kisses. And some people think pole dancing is easy.... #polekiss

Woke up this morning ready to rock and roll. 3 days post op. Wise choice? Time will tell. I give you "The Pterodactyl."

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