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Alexbox ○☆ yes i am a witch ○  Artist ,Creative Conduit,Dr.of the Arts Author ,Guru, BEditor of KingKong Magazine I want to bring art magic and creative freedom .

Precision line work has always featured in my work recently I have been really exploring free movement and texture and relief, but I feel very much like I'm on the verge of going back to try and some really precise line work I'm quite excited about it as I feel like I haven't done it for a long time is a few from my archive. I always use a art brush brush unusually wet pigment. And a lot of patience I'm obsessed with symmetry and balance sometimes to absolute destruction point in my brain but I always push myself and my practice to be as precise as I can in these moments.
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Grace + humility
Kindness + tranquillity

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@warrendupreeznickthorntonjones are long time collaborators and good friends . They like i have always stayed true to there aesthetically language and artistic integrity. As i have been asked so many times recently about beautiful collaborators and artistic relationships where the harmony and vibration just fits , where you don't need words and where trust is a given and a respected , they are this . Love to these humans.
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2006 ! @italianvoguee shot by @gregkadelstudios styling @patti_wilson .. I've been asked a lot recently about pivotal shoots or moments when visually things just come together and people you real had a great work empathy with this shoot was one of those moments and hair legend @eugenesouleiman is one of those rare artist . What we have crafted together has always felt harmonious and beautiful and i count him as one of the really great collaborators I've worked with and this shoot as one of those important moments . #alexbox #artist #makeup #vogue #beauty

Exclusive now on @youtube public release! This film is a very personal journey of my process and empathic exploration with creating .
Its the first in a seies of genre breaking films. We are so used to seeing makeup presented and broke down in one particular way. I wanted to create a film in the way i view makeup and how my art form unfolds. Its Intimate soulful , hopefully mindfull ,a wisper in a time when we are bombarded with shouting . A poem from my soul,  i see vunrability as a strength and want to show the many sides and personalities we all have and pour into our work. Its my world i want to envelope you in in these films . I wanted to create films that feel like I'm talking to you intimately ,alone and one to one . Im letting you in on my inner process as well as the outer. A mantra that i hope connects you for a brief moment .
Please share with me what you think i love opening conversation and real connections x
To see the full film head over to my The Alex Box YouTube channel link in bio.
Directed by me.
Shot beautifully by my friend and colleague @jamesmeakin_photographer
And modelled by @gerdamare
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The first of my series of films on ''Making' Up' my process philosophy and Vision will be released exclusively Tonight ! to my YouTube +maling list subscribers . This first is a journey through a full development and prigression of a art piece , and why i do what i do, raw and from my heart . I hold nothing back . There are many incarnations and dimensions in what i make and in this series of films i will explore the multifaceted sides of us all as complex emotional artists . The first explorers my empathy with nature and connection, making a full look from just what i found on the forest floor (plus a tiny bit of glue ! ) . I really want to get the full connection with my subscribers and followers , what they think and a private conversation of what they think amd feel of the first of this series . I want always to break the mould on how makeup application videos have been perceived ... I have always strived to raise the idea of makeup as an art form and this is my Alex Box way of exploring creation exploration.
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If you like to join this private screening go to my The Alex Box youtube channel and subscribe .. link in bio or in Instagram stories or join my mailing list on my thealexbox web site .

Im a 360 degree artist . You have to see my work move , it's alive.. I'm has so many layers bthat are hard to see in pictures , thats why i love films and sharing the art in real life eith people . i poor my heart into details under ,around, on top behind and inside the body , its always a character no mater how abstract the vision . That's also why i love to do performances as you get up close to see all the textures, hues reflections. I always use three dimensions in my work and build out ,sometimes using 4th dimension of smell.and sound . Im a maker ..i love to make and build with out limitations. X
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Thank you so much to all.the people who joined my first sold out webinar from The Alex Box Studio . It was incredible to be able to go so deep into my creative process and help others with theres . Your response has been amazing and im so pleased you felt you learnt alot. It was spiritual, emotional ,funny and educational. See you at the next one Dates and times coming soon , This is only the beginning! . Hosted by @ericacarrglobal
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Yes you can Yes you are ,yes you’ve never been that far .yes you’re scared yes you might fail , yes ,to know what strength you have you have to have felt frail .
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Fear of change is usually an amazing subconscious recognition of your own path...a breakthrough that you are getting closer to your true potential...dont fear it embrace it ..change is growth .

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Dr.Box ...yes i am real Dr.
Of the Arts . I was awarded a Doctorship Hon by @solentuniofficial . For my body of work and ongoing dedication to the Arts and work in raising the perception of makeup to be accepted as an artform.
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‘Into the Woods’ the next the next instalment . This whole series is buildup to the art film of me creating in the woods’s so important to me in a time where everything feels so Rigid and about self image and not connecting to the spirit Of creation that i felt moved to make something important to me to explain to bring your soul back to nature and create from the heart and show the process of connection with spirit environment and art . here I am explaining the creative foraging process and how nature endlessly inspires me . For the full film go to my YouTube channel .This is the final instalment before I show you my creation film . Exclusively on my @youtube channel to subscribe to The Alex Box link in my saved story home page or in my story’s . Can’t wait to join you there and share and connect my spirt .
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