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AJ Mendez Brooks  New York Times Best Selling author of #CrazyIsMySuperpower. Animal Avenger, former wrestling champ & foul-mouthed gamer. Account managed by Team AJ.

Kratos has my back. Come at us. Thanks for letting me invade your spaces @playstation Headquarters!

I am deathly afraid of heights but also kind of a masochist. So indoor rock climbing was not only a great way to practice conquering a fear, but also a fun way to be humiliated by small children who were much more agile and brave.

Pretty much, yeah.

Calling all gamers! AJ’s joining the judges panel for the 2017 @girlsmakegames Demo Day hosted @playstation this Sunday 8/13! Head to the website for tickets - Team AJ

Psyched to share my Represent photoshoot with you guys. Your response to our campaign really knocked my tube socks off, so we just may be doing another one down the line. Let me know which of these pics you'd like to see on a new shirt and what organization you think we should support next. If there are charities near and dear to your heart, or if you agree my hair looks bouncier than ever, please let me know in the comments. Check out the full gallery on my website!

For exclusive pics, blogs, and #CrazyIsMySuperpower updates sign up for the Team AJ newsletter. Just head to the website (link in bio) to register! If you already have, this sweet double thumbs up pose is for you. -Team AJ

Why yes, this IS a massive crushed velvet painting of my majestic furry son Larry. It is entirely necessary and undoubtedly priceless. Thanks for the surprise @AnthonyAmor! You're a fantastic human and we are forever indebted. All gifts for the rest of my life will be measured against The Larry.

Loch Ness Larry

Happy Pub Day to my fairy Godmother, idol, and one of my favorite humans on the planet @JulieKlam! The Stars In Our Eyes is available today and it is amazing. It's HILARIOUS and reads like a juicy conversation with your best friend on a comfy couch while eating Twizzlers. I devoured it in mere hours. Oh and I MAY have written a salacious little story that made it in the book! It was too much for Larry to handle!

New Diary up on the site: "Teen Anxiety & Depression: What to Look for & How to Help". This entry has been made with the help of my friends @JEDFoundation. Our #WeidosFTW campaign was such a success because you guys opened your hearts and joined their fight to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for our nation's teens and young adults. A lot of you have asked me about where to turn in your time of need or how to help a friend who is struggling with their mental health, so I hope you find this introduction useful. And when you get your tees, post a pic using #WeirdosFTW! Keep helping everyone out there who feels out of place know that weird is wonderful. (Link in bio)

This is my serious writer face. I wrote a piece in support of Minority Mental Health Month for my friends at @NamiCommunicate. Whether it's because of cultural stigma or less access to resources, minorities in this country use mental health services and receive necessary diagnosis at almost half the rate of white Americans. It's about time we change that. I'm speaking up and I hope you will too. Ok, maybe I run my mouth about everything, but I'm speaking especially loudly about this. Go check out my article! (Link in bio) #MinorityMentalHealth

One of my favorite humans, my much hotter and more talented twin @AimeeGarcia4Realz. She really knows how to give a gal support - AJ

Repost from @aimeegarcia4realz - Fun lunch w my Puerto Rican twin! So proud of @theajmendez 4 writing a New York Times Bestseller #CrazyIsMySuperpower & designing "Weirdos for the Win" tshirts to support @jedfoundation #charity 🤗 If u want one, go to 📷: @cmpunk

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