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The Afiya Center  Hosting the 1st Ever Texas Black Women's Reproductive Justice Policy Summit: Oct. 9-12th | DallasTexas #TXBlackWomenRiseUp Info@theafiyacenter.org


C/O @themaryfemme at the @ncrmuseum in Memphis TN out here looking for those reparations like 👀 👀

Your family’s health is too important to wait. Visit healthcare.gov/apply-and-enroll so you are ready to enroll Nov 1! #GetCovered #ACA #obamacare


T: You deserve good health care. Get ready to enroll on Nov 1! Go to healthcare.gov/apply-and-enroll #GetCovered #aca

Continuing the conversation on Maternal Mortality this week on @thaafterparty ✊🏿🗣🌊

🔮🌹🔮It took forever for us to nail this down! I knew the minute Jheanelle started her workshop at Catalystcon that I wanted to talk with her. What I imagined as an interview morphed into a really fluid conversation that covers a range of topics. We found it difficult to stay on topic while having our ideas affirmed and then parsing things out further....this was so organic! 🌹🔮🌹Take a listen here: https://www.talking-back.com/news/2017/10/16/talking-back-a-conversation-with-jheanelle-garriques

C/O @janesdueprocess STANDING IN SOLIDARITY✊🏿 we are at three weeks that Jane Doe has been denied access to an abortion, there is a petition we will link to that seeks to remove barriers to healthcare that shouldn’t even exist! #hereforjanetx #sanctuaryforjane #reproductivejustice

Me Too. Visibility means everything🗣️ The #MeToo you see floating around social media is about putting faces and names on what it means to be a survivor. So many of us are out here, it is harder to find a woman who HASN'T been violated than it is to find someone who has been. The statistics say that 67 percent of reported sexual assault victims are under 18 years old, and 34 percent of all victims are younger than 12. In fact, while the national statistic for women who will experience rape in their lifetimes is 1 in every 5 (pdf), for girls (under 16) the number is 1 in every 4. I wanted to use a photo of black girls because our communities have a stake in this. Black women have a 22% chance of being raped in their lifetimes, second only to Native American women who beat us with 27%. Tanara Burke, the Senior Director of Programs for Girls for Gender Equity, wrote that we have "a widespread problem in our community that not enough people are talking about. Sexual assault doesn’t start on college campuses. Surviving sexual violence doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and it’s often layered with social, cultural, economic, gendered and racial factors that affect victims differently—especially if they are black girls or young women of color...We have to ring the alarm for our girls until they can ring it for themselves." Today we're making it clear to the world that not only are the issues of sexual abuse, sexual assault, etc so widespread that they can (and should be) considered an epidemic; we are also unashamed and working actively to rid the world of the poisons that create "Me Too" posts. And standing in solidarity with the myriad folks who can't be loud about surviving just yet because they have too much to lose, we see you too.🌹#metoo #reproductivejustice #blackwomen

New Horoscopes from @naimonujames https://naimonujames.com/2017/10/11/horoscopes-for-the-week-of-october-9/ 🔮

Waiting on the future like 👀

Protestor at Weinstein Hall demonstration for the rights of gay people on campus, 1970

Rekha as Ramdulaari in "Lajja" (2001) with the true ☕️. #rekha #goddessactuality #rjeverywhere #ancestorbusiness

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