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Brody Jax And Gus Gus  Golden Brothers just living life in Arizona🌵 Feel free to watch us grow and follow our journey together 🦁🦁 #blessedwithagolden #arizonagoldenbrothers

Bad dog parents alert!! With everything that's been going on with dog mom graduating and traveling we missed Gus's first birthday on May 9th this little trooper has been through so much and we are so happy to finally celebrate this birthday with you. Love you monkey 🐒

Great news everybody Gus is doing amazing back to doing puppy things. Got staples out two days ago and you'd never know the long road to recovery that he has been on. We are so blessed to have him happy and healthy. However we have racked up quite a bill to keep him healthy anything helps. Pass along our story or support us through funding account in bio thankyou so much 💙 #ilovegolden_retrievers #blessedwithagolden #goldenretriever #azpups #goldenpuppy #brodyandgus

Update on our little man. Gus is doing really well has been off of antibiotics for the past 3 days and is doing the best we have seen him. He's eating and even begging for food who knew how happy you could get when you have a begger on your hands! He's almost been too active for the state he's in which is a good problem to have. Wednesday is his check up where they will look at his incision and remove the staples. Also may run some tests to be sure no infection has began! Again thankyou all so much for the kindness, love and support. Our man is finally on the road to a healthy recovery. Anything helps as we still have remaining balances. Please continue to share our story💙💙 Funding link in bio #goldenpuppy #azpups #goldenretriever #ilovegolden_retrievers #blessedwithagolden

Update on little Gus. Yes he is home but it's half the battle we have been to and from the clinic worried about him. His antibiotics make him really nauseous and he's constantly whining from being uncomfortable. Gus is so strong but we have 18 more days of antibiotics. The challenge now is getting him to eat, keep food down, and prevent him from vomiting. The hope is that we can still continue to care for him at home. However if he continues to struggle to eat he will need to be admitted once again. Please pray and give him strength to heal at home. The continued care has been a lot and we struggle each day to give him everything he needs to be comfortable. If only dogs could talk and tell you where it hurts! Please take a look at our funding page as anything helps. Thankyou so much for the love and support💙

💐Update on Gus: Gus is doing amazing he is on day six of recovering from his third major surgery on April 10th. We had a small scare a couple days ago when the vet found bacteria growing in his belly. This is now being treated with antibiotics and Gus is doing really well. The vet is allowing us to care for him at home now which was our little Easter miracle :). The expenses continue to grow even with him at home. Every little bit helps even if you just share our story! Thankyou so much for all the love and support! Funding account in bio💙💙 #GetGusHome

Alright guys Update on our warrior: Gus is on day five of recovery so we are almost out of the woods! Yesterday we got a call that they found bacteria in his stomach. But he is now on an antibiotic to fight it. We got an update from the vet this morning and Gus is doing great! He has not been regurgitating and has been holding his food down. They are switching him to oral medications today. He has been having fluid sitting in his belly because his intestines are slowly coming back to normal. He is now on a medication that will help love things along. Vet says either tonight or tomorrow morning will be the miracle of him coming home 💙 Our little Easter miracle if all goes well. Thankyou all so much for the support and love we couldn't of done it without our supporters. Obviously everything still helps as his care is very expensive or if you could get the word out about our story. Link to funding account is our bio. Much love everyone 💙💙 xoxo

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