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The Active Lifestyle  Auckland's Unique Fitness Experience! Shared personal training (up to 4 people). Private, Members only. 40 Mt Eden Road -0212689278

Fish oil! I've just finished my tub. Have you taken yours today?! #health #fishoil#brainpower #mobility #fatloss #weightloss

A cool outside shot of the Seven Sharp filming from last week! Really appreciate the guys coming down and helping to share the amazing #yogawithkittens story!
#sevensharp #7sharp #tal #fitness #fitspo #yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogadaily

Monday evening sessions in full flow! Working hard to make those legs leaner and butts looking better! Great vibe tonight ladies way to kick off the week in style!
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Yoga With Kittens and The Active Lifestyle are being featured TONIGHT (Monday 7pm) on Seven Sharp on Tv1 so if you're in NZ make sure you lock in! #yogawithkittens #yoga #mteden #auckland #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #sharedpersonaltraining #9livesorphanage #kittens #cat #cats #catsofig #catsofinstagram #blackcat #catstagram

THANK YOU to all of you that made YOGA WITH KITTENS completely and utterly amazing!
🐱🐱🐱 It was amazing to meet you all, the atmosphere and energy in the room was completely brilliant for all the Yoga with Kittens sessions and the cats were definitely loving it!

Thank you to ALL the companies who supported this event and made it possible, from Hansell's Food Group who provided premium squash and yogurt, to Kahu Vet with their cat litter, toys and food, and also Gracie Jewellery, Paper Pak, Spark NZ, Babycues, Pet Kiwi, Pretty Pinz and of course, the reason we all came together, @9livesorphanage and Alisha, who without the work of her and her fabulous team wouldn't be able to care for, foster and rehome these poor deprived kittens.

Make sure you head over to and LIKE the page to see all the photos and videos from the event (going up soon) and for all the news about future Yoga with Kittens events! A special mention goes to those of you that tagged us in all your pics, it's been such a joyous day!
Thank you again, it's been truly amazing.

Eau De Calm - Yoga Mat Refresh Spray had arrived!
If you want to deodorise and clean your Yoga Mat with a simple, easy, SAFE, natural spray, this is for you. Available at The Active Lifestyle now for $19.79.

#yoga #yogamatspray #refresh #theactivelifestyle #mteden #auckland #nz #london #uk #yogaeverydamnday

Finally, Labels for Eau De Calm Yoga Mat Refresh Spray have arrived!
Your Yoga Mat gets a lot of usage... but how much care does it get? This deodorising, antibacterial spray will fulfil your senses and freshen your yoga mat - with a quick spray we can turn any peewwws to Ommm.

#yoga #yogamatspray #antibacterial #deodorant #deodorising #lifestyle #tal #fit #fitfam #smell #clean

Yoga at the beautiful Marokopa Falls in Waitomo, New Zealand.

Yoga is every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at The Active Lifestyle. Groups are very limited in size so you get the personal attention and technique adjustment you need to improve.

One of the things you really should spend some time working on is your POSTURE. 💪💪💪 Why?! Having better posture makes you healthier - stronger, less susceptible to injury, allows you to move better and most importantly keeps you in better shape as you age and helps to look after your joints: No one wants to be a hunchback when they are old do they?

One of the most satisfying parts of what we do is hearing and seeng clients (both online and in person) talk about their improved posture and how much better their backs feel.
Up until fairly recently, I had spent a few years working on my posture. Being a personal trainer I was on my feet all day and training martial arts a couple of times a week.

Unfortunately old habits die hard and after a couple of years of The Active Lifestyle (both here in NZ and in the Uk) it was pointed out to me again just how bad my posture had become.

Many of our clients will recognise these positions as we try and instil perfect posture work wherever we can. And boy does it suck. These pictures are taken a massive..... 5 MINUTES.... apart. So all this change was achieved by just standing correctly.
Why do you accept living in pain? If you have pain, deal with it and make it better.

You only get one body. Be nice to it. Want help fixing it? Give us a shout.

D hitting hard in boxing from Monday! If you want to relieve some stress, learn better technique and most importantly get a fun, fat burning workout you need our shared personal training boxing sessions! Never hold pads for someone so there's no risk or danger to you!
Boxing spots are open Thursday 615pm and Saturday 1130am.

Birthday jumps.

I'm up to week 2 of my current 4 week training block which means 5*3 at an easy 85%. (5 sets of 3). The key (as with everything) is technique - getting good power and speed with the minimal wasted movement. Have to work on producing more force at the start of the movement but apart from that it's going ok!

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