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On this, National Hamburger Day, can you name a time a burger had a cool cameo in a film - other than in "Pulp Fiction" (1994)?

What would you recommend for a fun summer movie? Asking for a friend. 📸 photo by @asenseofhuber

Production designer Ken Adam was a two-time Oscar winner who created the Pentagon war room for "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1964)", the inside of Fort Knox in "Goldfinger" (1964) and the flying car in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (1968) among many others.

A few years ago Adam told the BBC about the time that an Oscar-winning director gave him a monumental complement. "I was in the States giving a lecture to the Directors Guild when Steven Spielberg came up to me. He said 'Ken, that War Room set for Strangelove is the best set you ever designed'. Five minutes later he came back and said 'no it's the best set that's ever been designed'."

Cheech and Chong backstage at the Oscars in 1984. Earlier the comedy duo presented a Special Achievement Award to Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren, Ken Ralston and Phil Tippett for the Visual Effects of "Return of the Jedi", a film that premiered on this day in 1983.

"When I pick up a script, I have to find the character. I can't play it if I don't believe it, don't understand the journey, don't want to go on the journey. And if I don't, how can I bring a truth that you can believe, or feel?" - Oscar winner Octavia Spencer

40 years ago today a little film about an orphan, his droids, and his evil (but well-dressed) estranged dad, opened around the country.

In 2002 Barbra Streisand presented an Honorary Award to Robert Redford at the 74th Academy Awards. Streisand said of her "The Way We Were" co-star, “He has a passion for telling stories that reflect the strengths and the vulnerabilities of the American spirit, our struggle to achieve what is highest in our nature." His Academy citation read, "To Robert Redford: Actor, director, producer, creator of Sundance, inspiration to independent and innovative filmmakers everywhere."

Ray Bolger in his Scarecrow costume, director Victor Fleming, choreographer Bobby Connolly, and producer Mervyn LeRoy during production of "The Wizard of Oz" (1939). From 1936 through 1938 Connolly was nominated for four Oscars for Best Dance Direction.

On Oscar night in 2001, Bob Dylan was on tour in Australia and could not attend the ceremony. But thanks to modern technology, he appeared via satellite alongside his band to perform his nominated song "Things Have Changed" that appeared in "Wonder Boys". Later in the ceremony when was awarded Best Original Song (by Jennifer Lopez) he returned, via satellite to deliver his acceptance speech: "Oh, good God, this is amazing. I've got to thank Curtis Hanson for encouraging me to do this song and everybody at Paramount, Sherry Lansing and Jonathan Dolgen. But especially Curtis who just kept at it. And he said this song was right and just encouraged me to do it so much and I'm so glad I did. Everybody at Columbia Records, my record company, who supports me all through these years, Tommy Mottola, Donny Ienner, Larry Jenkins, Will Botwin, John Ingrassia, everybody like that up there. I want to say hello to all of my family and friends out there watching. And I want to thank the members of the Academy who were bold enough to give me this award for this song which obviously [is] a song that doesn't pussyfoot around nor turn a blind eye to human nature. And God bless you all with peace, tranquility and good will. Thanks."

"I like the moving picture business much more than the legitimate [stage]. Apart from one's love of nature and for outdoor work, it gives you an outlet for your ingenuity. You are not repressed as you would be on the regular stage... The climbing of buildings is interesting. I never look at a structure without figuring out how I could climb up the side of it. This practice is not from any burglarious proclivities, mind you, but just because it's part of my business." - Douglas Fairbanks, ten years before he co-founded the Academy, from an essay he wrote 100 years ago titled "Combining Play With Work".

Most will remember him as James Bond. We’d also like to thank him for his lesser-known moments. In 1973, Academy members Roger Moore and Liv Ullmann awarded the Oscar for Lead Actor to Marlon Brando, who famously sent Sacheen Littlefeather to decline it.

Clara Bow relaxing during a lunch break during production of "Wings" (1927), the first film to win an Oscar for Best Picture. #Oscars90

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